WhereToFishWhile we’ll blog about some of the easiest places to learn how to fish (or just to have a great time catching fish),  see a complete listing of the top fishin’ holes in the state, by region, from www.azgfd.gov.




CFPHeaderAlso, our Community Fishing Program lets families go to their nearest lake or pond and catch stocked trout, catfish or bluegill.  Many other species tend to lurk as well. Most of these spots have family-friendly amenities such as playgrounds, bathrooms and picnic areas. We bring the fish to you! See full details about this expanded Arizona Game and Fish Department program.

Fish&Boat-Web-button-2Finally, our Fish&Boat Arizona map gives you Google-map locations of all our state’s top fisheries.


14 thoughts on “WHERE TO FISH”

  1. Community fishing was great this year. Really enjoy catching trout averaging one to two pounds. Looking forward to next fall

      1. Hi, Ed. We do occasionally stock catfish into Prescott-area waters like Lynx and Watson. But no plans yet for a Community water in Prescott. Stay tuned though!

    1. Hey T! Anglers use typical trout baits such as PowerBait, salmon eggs, spinners (Rooster tails, Panther Martins), etc. Try no more than 4-pound test line. Because of eagles in the area, the Friends of Luna Lake club encourages the use of led-free tackle (tin sinkers and weights) since eagles can ingest poisonous led from gut piles.

  2. Suggestions on spots near East Verde/Payson area? The little spot by cabin rental in Beaver Estates is beautiful, but no action.

  3. My son would like to catch a northern pike near Tucson. I understand that Lakes Mary and Amherst both have them. Can anyone provide information useful for catching pike in early April? Thank you in advance…

  4. Bass are now starting to hit at willow creek res. Had three different fish shake my hook could not connect has anyone had any luck lately killed it in the summer

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All fishing, all the time

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