*** These stocking reports usually tell you where fish were confirmed to be stocked during the past week. For daily stocking updates, not to mention Recreational Access Arizona mapping, and a one-year subscription to Arizona Wildlife Views magazine, sign up for I Support Wildlife.   ***


Here’s the latest stocking report:

By  Sunday, we’re scheduled to have stocked the following this week (sign up for I Support Wildlife for up-to-date and confirmed stocking reports):

Rainbow trout

Watson Lake, Lynx Lake, Apache Lake.

Previous stockings

Rainbow trout

Thursday, Jan. 24 — Pena Blanca Lake. Wednesday, Jan. 23 — Saguaro Lake, Lower Salt River, Community “core” waters.



See the statewide and community stocking schedules.

280 thoughts on “STOCKING REPORTS”

  1. Are there no longer community fishing at the lake(s) by the Graham County Fair and Racing grounds in Safford? I am very new to fishing and I had been told there was community fishing there. I just took a look with Google Earth and it looks to be there to me.

    1. Hi Steve! Now right now–but I’m not sure if maybe there was one in the past. Sometimes cities maintain their own lakes without our help … maybe that’s the case in Safford?

  2. Hi, i saw the new fishing regulations but i have a question with the page 24, this one talk about pena blanca lake “Pena Blanca Lake The limit is 4 bass, minimum size 13 inches, the limit is 4 catfish in any combination. ” but the page 45 says “Pena Blanca Lake : Largemouth Bass ADEQ recommends that the public not consume this species.” so my question is what it means page 24 with bag limit?, can i consume this fish or not?

    1. Hi Louis. You can absolutely keep 4 bass as stated and it’s also your call whether you’d like to adhere to ADEQ’s suggestion on consuming the bass.

      1. hi where can i look up pena blanca and patagonia stocking schedule
        they do not come up in the regular stocking schedule that is provided thanks

    1. Hi, Gary. Wish I could say for sure. It is scheduled to be stocked, but slight chance the weather could change things. If I find out for sure by the end of today I will let you know!

    1. Hey Gary: I have not confirmed it’s been stocked (I am not allowed to) but I’d bet it’s been stocked by now and is worth fishing this weekend…those waters are stocked by noon on Saturdays.

    1. Hi, Esteban! Unfortunately not. Repairs have been completed, but our truck came through just before repairs ended. It IS scheduled to be stocked next week, though. Those fish last week went to Pioneer Lake, by the way.

  3. Are catfish gonna be stocked in Parker Canyon this Thursday? Plus how’s the report at Parker canyon right now? What’s biting the most? What do I use? Which part should I fish? Do I need a boat or can I fish the shore?

  4. Is it still in the works to stock White Horse with bass and bluegill and catfish this year I remember reading a report saying that the water was too warm for trout stocking but it was going to become a warm water fishery

  5. With the sunfish and bass stocking next week. Where are the fish coming from? I kow the were planting Rosavelt with a Florida strain bass. Is this going to be the same for the community fishing ponds as well? Like at Desart Breese? Kiwanis?

  6. Did they stock the crappie in Alvord Lake?
    Also it would be helpful if on Sunday you would list lakes and ponds that were not stocked.
    Thank You

  7. Hello, Whats going on with the East verde river in parson area?.. seems they have it dammed off, its completely dry on the lower portions by whispering pines area.

  8. When’s the next stocking of channel catfish in the Prescott area? And are they eve putting catfish back in fain lake?

  9. Does Knoll Lake get stocked any more? Was my favorite lake growing up and I haven’t seen it on any stocking lists for a long time. If not, why not.

  10. Does Veteran Oasis still have algae problem, I noticed a catfish stocking scheduled for May1-6. Will Veteran Oasis get catfish this week or for the month of May ?

  11. Fish stock in Tucson area didn’t seem to occur during week of 15 May. Has the restock been delayed until Memorial Day weekend or other?

    1. Hi Curtis! We stock Pioneer with catfish from late spring to early summer and again during the fall time. We stock trout during the winter. Sometimes we stock sunfish or bass when it makes sense. Right now stockings are halted for the summer.

  12. Is Marshall Lake being stocked? I know in My the Tiger Trout were put in, are you still stocking and are Rainbow part of that?

  13. Oak Creek Canyon!!
    Looking for spots that have recently been stocked with rainbow trout. Camping at Pine Flats. Thank in advance. ☺️

    1. Hi Charles! Typically the Deadhorse lagoons are stocked again with channel catfish once temperatures cool a bit, like in late September or early October.

  14. Renting a cabin in Payson on East Verde the this weekend and into next week. Is the stocking still planned around 8/14 and 8/21 with the monsoon activity?

  15. Why does it seem like it’s such a challenge to find the stocking report for catfish at St Francis pond in Flagstaff I’ve been wanting to take my son fishing but I cannot guarantee that we will have a good time without knowing if they have planted or not

      1. Hi Viola — those lakes haven’t been stocked with “catchable” fish this spring or summer. But fishing has been good at times at both this summer.

      1. Hi I’m new to fishing. Not sure if it’s okay to ask here. Have been to the Kiwanis lake for like 6 times or so this week but didn’t get any catfish. I’ve watched vids and guidelines, tried different rigs like slip float or slip rig, different baits like nightcrawlers and PowerBait Dough Bait. I seem not to be able to locate any kind of structure on the lake except the two little docks, where I tried several times and no luck. Any advice on this? I’m kinda stuck here and don’t know how to proceed

      2. Hi, Roy! Sorry you’ve had that experience– at least you’re trying and starting somewhere. I actually would recommend trying different waters. Sounds like you’re trying some great techniques so kudos for watching those videos and learning! Check our stocking schedules within to see where catfish have been stocked, or look at some options of getting real-time stocking updates via an I Support Wildlife membership ( This way you can catch catfish shortly after they’ve been stocked. Just some ideas — hope that helps!

      3. By the way — frozen, uncooked shrimp from the frozen aisles makes for great channel cat bait if you know how to hook it (keep frozen while fishing, put on a size No. 6 baitholder hook) …

  16. When was the last time tht bear canyon lake was stocked? I seem to be getting conflicting info on the azgfd website, one thing says that the last time was in Aug., but others say it was supposed to be earlier this month?!?!? going up there tomorrow so…….thank you!

  17. Is there information on trout stockings in Canyon Lake? Being that its a large reservoir it seems to be left out on all the stocking schedules. Also, what is the likelihood of trout surviving year round in Canyon Lake? Is it possible for them to survive the summer months in deeper water? Thank you so much!

  18. I see that the latest report(9/27) on Francis Short Pond says the Oxygen level is better and it will be stocked “This Week”.. Can you pin it down to a date? This week of the 28th or next week, October 2nd? Thanks!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate it a lot. My older brother recently retired and moved out here, been trying to get him his first Arizona fish, and first fish in over 40 years. For various reasons, Francis Short Pond is our best bet. Thanks again!

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