*** These stocking reports usually tell you where fish were confirmed to be stocked during the past week. For daily stocking updates, not to mention Recreational Access Arizona mapping, and a one-year subscription to Arizona Wildlife Views magazine, sign up for I Support Wildlife.   ***


Here’s the latest stocking report:


Saturday, Oct. 7 — Community “core” waters.

Rainbow trout

Friday, Oct. 6 — Tonto Creek.

Brown trout (smaller fish)

Monday, Oct. 2 –– J.D. Lake, Elk Tank, Santa Fe Reservoir, Kaibab Lake, Dogtown Reservoir.


See the statewide and community stocking schedules.

234 thoughts on “STOCKING REPORTS”

  1. …My brother’s been busy, have not got him to the pond yet, (this next week for sure though) but, thanks for stocking those big trout, they really tear up your gear! Hey, was wondering, saw there is only one more scheduled stocking this month, and since we missed two scheduled stockings, was curious as to whether or not those would be made up later this month? Regardless, it was great to see fish coming in all over the pond! So many happy people fishing. Thanks again!

  2. Will Luna Lake, Nelson Res. , Crescent Lake and Big Lake be stocked this fall or later ? I appreciate you stocking Big Lake with fingerlings recently. Should improve fishing next year.

  3. Any news on Francis Short Pond? We were scheduled to be stocked the last two weeks, but have not seen any indication or news. The fish from the previous stock are still kicking, got a 2 1/2 pounder on each day of successive trips. Not a lot of numbers, but, good sizes… Thanks for any news you can give!

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