*** These stocking reports usually tell you where fish were confirmed to be stocked during the past week. For daily stocking updates, not to mention Recreational Access Arizona mapping, and a one-year subscription to Arizona Wildlife Views magazine, sign up for I Support Wildlife.   ***


Here’s the latest stocking report:

By  Sunday, we’re scheduled to have stocked the following this week (sign up for I Support Wildlife for up-to-date and confirmed stocking reports):

Rainbow trout

Watson Lake, Lynx Lake, Apache Lake.

Previous stockings

Rainbow trout

Thursday, Jan. 24 — Pena Blanca Lake. Wednesday, Jan. 23 — Saguaro Lake, Lower Salt River, Community “core” waters.



See the statewide and community stocking schedules.

280 thoughts on “STOCKING REPORTS”

  1. …My brother’s been busy, have not got him to the pond yet, (this next week for sure though) but, thanks for stocking those big trout, they really tear up your gear! Hey, was wondering, saw there is only one more scheduled stocking this month, and since we missed two scheduled stockings, was curious as to whether or not those would be made up later this month? Regardless, it was great to see fish coming in all over the pond! So many happy people fishing. Thanks again!

  2. Will Luna Lake, Nelson Res. , Crescent Lake and Big Lake be stocked this fall or later ? I appreciate you stocking Big Lake with fingerlings recently. Should improve fishing next year.

  3. Any news on Francis Short Pond? We were scheduled to be stocked the last two weeks, but have not seen any indication or news. The fish from the previous stock are still kicking, got a 2 1/2 pounder on each day of successive trips. Not a lot of numbers, but, good sizes… Thanks for any news you can give!

  4. …Well, my older brother got his first fish in 45 years, a nice 2 lb plus trout, adding a smaller one later, and my younger brother, who had not fished in 3 years got fish too. Thanks to AZ Game & Fish for their part in these events!

  5. Hi AZGFD,

    Is Lake Kiwanis in Tempe stocked for trout this Thursday (today)? We’re planning to be fishing this evening or tomorrow morning, and wish to decide the gear we bring, either trout gear or catfish gear.

    Thank you very much!

  6. Has Patagonia been s5ltocked with trout. I’m down from Colorado for thanksgiving and want to get my great nieces and nephews on some trout. Thank you.

  7. Fortuna lake. Any info about trout being stocked. A few friends and myself went fishing there a couple days ago at two different times. Not one trout was brought up. And we used everything in the tackle box. Schedule dates would be nice. Thanks

    1. Hey Stephen. Fortuna was last stocked the week of Nov. 6. So maybe it was fished out by the time you went? Next stocking there will be the week of Dec. 4. Unless there’s poor water quality or something that cancels a stocking, that lake will have been stocked by the Saturday of the week it’s listed on the schedule:

    1. Surprise is scheduled to be stocked this week. We unfortunately can’t give out the exact day — one reason is our I Support Wildlife members pay (even though it’s only $25 a year) to get up-to-date stocking reports. But typically you can count on those waters being stocked by the Saturday of a scheduled stocking.

  8. Was wondering if Veterans Oasis Lake is having issues with water quality or with the stocking schedule. It was scheduled to be stocked last week and not a single bite, nothing jumping and nothing being seen today for myself or any one of the many anglers I talked with today. Thanks for your time.

  9. Hey we were just at Pioneer park in Peoria today and someone said it was stocked with Bass today. Just wondering if thats turn. I checked the schedule and it doesnt show bass on it

      1. I am sorry but I still cannot find where it shows which community waters were stocked with bass. Can you please direct me or tell me which local ponds were stocked with bass?

        Thank You,


      2. I am sorry but I still cannot find where it shows which community waters were stocked with bass. Can you please direct me or tell me which local ponds were stocked with bass?

        Thank You,

    1. Hey Jared. Haven’t heard any reports from Dogtown in awhile. I can tell you that it could be slow but some anglers have been catching trout on worms under a bobber. In the early spring the water temperatures are still cold which slows the fish down. Retrieve the lures or flies as slow as you can without snagging on the bottom during the early spring. Fly anglers catch fish on bead headed nymphs, with the favorite being bead head prince nymphs, along with woolly buggers.

      Hope that helps!

  10. Discovery pond seems to be the easiest place to fish right now. Haven’t had luck at the community lakes yet. Even though the schedule says it should be stocked.

    1. Saw a lot of dead catfishes in both the Mesa Riverview and Scottsdale Eldorado lakes this week. Over ten in both. Wish to know what’s going on. Are the fishes still fishable and are they safely consumable? Plz let me know!!

  11. I was just wondering with the golden algae still in several waters nearby is Roadrunner Pond still going to wait till late April to be stocked with catfish? ..or are they going to possibly stock catfish from Cortez or Riverview/Tempe Lake there until the waters are cleared?

      1. I got that. …I guess I’m just more curious as to what happens to the fish that were scheduled to be stocked at waters that currently have golden algae? Are those deliveries (fish) just divided and split up into the other scheduled stockings for March 22nd or are there any chances that other waters scheduled for later stocking dates receive the fish that cannot be delivered in the contaminated waters? Thank you for getting back to me right away ..I was just curious how or what you guys do in those situations.

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