*** These stocking reports usually tell you where fish were confirmed to be stocked during the past week. For daily stocking updates, not to mention Recreational Access Arizona mapping, and a one-year subscription to Arizona Wildlife Views magazine, sign up for I Support Wildlife.   ***


Here’s the latest stocking report:

Rainbow trout

Thursday, Jan. 12 — Colorado River (Willow Beach). Read more.

Wednesday, Jan. 11 and Thursday, Jan. 12 — All Community waters scheduled to be stocked with trout this week (marked with a “T” on the schedule) were stocked with larger-than-average trout.

Tuesday, Jan. 10 — Pena Blanca Lake, Fain Lake, Salt River.

Monday, Jan. 9 — Watson Lake, Verde River (middle).

Thursday, Jan. 5 — Dankworth Ponds, Roper Lake, Cluff Reservoir # 3.

Wednesday, Jan. 4 — Parker Canyon Lake.

Tuesday, Jan. 3 — Dead Horse Lake, Verde River (Middle).

Thursday, Dec. 29 — Community waters: Green Valley Lake (No. 1, 2 and 3), Alvord Lake, Desert West Lake, Pioneer Lake, Surprise Lake, Rio Vista Pond, Cortez Lake, Encanto Lake,  Steele Indian School, Papago Ponds, Evelyn Hallman Pond, Red Mountain Lake, Chaparral Lake, Riverview Lake, Kiwanis Lake, Desert Breeze Lake, Veterans Oasis Lake, Copper Sky Lake, Lakeside Lake, Sahuarita Lake, Kennedy Lake, Silverbell Lake.




Thursday, Nov. 3 — Evelyn Hallman Pond, Papago Ponds (1, 2 and 3), Steele Indian School, Roadrunner Lake, Eldorado Lake, Riverview Lake, Red Mountain Lake,  Veterans Oasis Lake, Copper Sky Lake, Siverbell Lake,  Kennedy Lake, Sahuarita Lake, Lakeside Lake, Surprise Lake, Rio Vista Pond, Pioneer Lake, Cortez Lake, Encanto Lake, Desert West Lake, Alvord Lake, Kiwanis Lake, Desert Breeze Lake, Caparral Lake.

Brown trout

Thursday, Sept. 29 — Rose Canyon Lake.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 — Lynx Lake.

See the statewide and community stocking schedules.

105 thoughts on “STOCKING REPORTS”

  1. Is the stocking schedule cut in stone or is it a guide? Been fishing Ashurst lake for the last month or so. Very nice fish up to 18-19 inch. Used to catch 3-6 fish a day. It appears the lake is no longer being stocked, and the bite is gone

    1. You could consider it more of a guide because stocking numbers can fluctuate and the stockings also are based on water quality. But more often that not, those stockings do take place sometime during the week. Ashurst is being stocked, but you can’t always count on the fish being in the same place as the year before and sometimes (as anglers like us know) the fish are there, they just don’t seem to be biting.

    1. Unfortunately there are no plans to stock either. The lake level at Kaibab is very low and Whitehorse will not be stocked this year because of poor water quality.

    1. Hi, Viola. Fish were stocked at Crescent, but poor water quality may make fishing difficult. We haven’t been stocking Big Lake (fishing is still good) or Luna.

      1. Hi..
        I see a couple of blue points/pins down by Paige Springs winery.

        Is that part of Oak Creek open to fishing?

      2. Yes, if you’re looking at any point that is marked on the Fish & Boat AZ map, it is a possible stocking point and is open to fishing.

  2. In reference to Fool Hollow Lake, what is AZ Game and FIsh Dept. definition of poor water quality? I noticed that stocking at this State Park was halted due to poor water quality…does this mean low oxygen…low water levels? Meaning the stocked trout could not survive long in the lake?

    1. It could be anything from low levels of dissolved oxygen to high pH levels to presence of golden algae, etc. Anything that would mean stocked fish would likely not survive for long.

  3. I have family coming to AZ mid September for a couple days. They have never fished in Flagstaff/Williams. What lake is the best bet for good fishing….I want them to have some successful fishing. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jon! Maybe try out Kinnikinick lake (lots of trout have been stocked) or Dogtown lakes south of Williams. At Dogtown, on the north shoreline, there are a lot of shady spots and pretty good fishing! We even plan on stocking Frances Short Pond with trout right within Flagstaff — kids love that one.

  4. We have friends coming for Labor Day weekend and don’t see any stockings for areas around Alpine or Springerville. Any planned?

    1. Yes — you could try the East Fork of the Black River and the Little Colorado River in Greer. At both, there will be trout stockings and fishing is good and there are wild brown trout. Be aware that monsoon storms can bring high waters and flooding. For directions, you can find the waters on this map:

    1. None scheduled. But fishing can be pretty good at Big Lake still. Cutthroats are hitting on bait, lures, and midges, usually in the top 3 feet of water or close to shore.

  5. I have family coming to AZ mid September for a couple days. They have never fished in Tucson/Pima county . What lake is the best bet for good fishing….I want them to have some successful fishing. Thanks!

  6. The reports say stocking resumes in September, do we have an end of the year stocking schedule yet? Interested in local lakes like Pioneer and Rio Vista.

  7. Did you know if the stocking schedule for trout will be updated soon? and How much longer will continue with the trout stocking in Rose Lake Canyon?

  8. Have family and friends in Arizona and plan to visit in the near future. Love fishing and would like to know the hot spots to catch trout. After salmon, they are my favorite species to fish. So, any information about good trout fishing spots in Arizona is greatly appreciated.

    1. Definitely will help, Jim! What part of Arizona would you be looking to fish? There is some great trout fishing at Big Lake in the White Mountains, especially if you can rent a boat (or have one), and Kinnikinick Lake southeast of Flagstaff. Show Low Lake also has been great for trout fishing. In mid-November, our Community (urban) fishing waters will start to get stocked with trout, too.

    1. Hi, Louis! We next plan to stock trout sometime during the week of Oct. 10. Stay tuned to this page for confirmation that it’s been stocked. Fishing should be great there as usual!

  9. Hi there,
    I was wondering when exactly is the local ponds being stocked? I live in Mesa and I’m surrounded by them. I know the week of Oct 14 it’s on the schedule but what day?

  10. Why wasn’t Alvord lake stocke on the 19th? Your reports show Oct 7th but not the 19th.. The stocking schedule is supposed to be every two weeks. This lake is busy and it’s not acceptable to skip stocking this lake it serves the entire south valley.

    1. Hey there! Alvord was not stocked that week because it had extremely low dissolved oxygen levels in the lake–and there were dead catfish at the boat ramp. So we cancelled that stocking and placed those fish in other lakes: Desert West, Encanto, Cortez, Pioneer, and Surprise.

      1. Alvord Lake has a history of having water quality issues, is there any work being done to correct the situation so as to be reliable Community Fishing Program Lake?

  11. I am curious as to when the stocking will take place at Roper Lake and Dankworth Pond? According to the newest schedule, both were to be stocked on October 31st.

    1. Hi, Steve! Looks like Roper and Dankworth still was, or is going to be, stocked this week. That Oct. 31 date on the stocking schedule means that the fish are scheduled to be stocked sometime during the week of Oct. 31-Nov. 6. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi, Dustin! I’m not allowed to give out the exact day. I get my daily stocking reports from the I Support Wildlife membership (link is on this page.) But generally between Thursday and Saturday.

  12. Silverbell lake has no trout??? Went sat morn and all the old timers were waiting. Walked the lake for signs of trout….nada. not even a jump. Went mon afternoon and had couple people fishin but no trout only couple cats….????? Weres da trout????

    1. Hi, Nate! We definitely stocked trout into Silverbell Lake on Friday. Sounds like they just weren’t biting … they weren’t too active at Tempe Town Lake Friday just after a stocking, either. Give ’em a few days and see if they become active.

  13. Thinking about heading to Red Mountain lake, when is the projected date for the next stocking? The calendar just says 28th-3rd. Also, are the trout starting to wake up with this cold weather moving in, or are they still a little lethargic?

    1. Hi, Carter! I’m not allowed to give out the exact day of the stocking, but I can tell you they are scheduled to definitely be stocked by Saturday. Water temps at Community lakes have been 65 deg. or below and that’s perfect for them to be active! I’d say the first/last light bite would apply. (By the way, I Support Wildlife memberships include daily stocking reports: )

  14. Good morning,

    I want to know what happen with the stocking in community water on the week Nov28th – Dec3rd, i didn’t see any update in the report of that week.

  15. Why are trout stockings reduced in the Lakes around Prescott in the cooler months. It’s a perfect time to fish for trout and warm days for large mouth.

  16. Just was curious if Friendship Pond was going to be stocked again with Trout? It was stocked just before Christmas weekend. But was wondering if there was any plans for another stocking of Trout maybe an “Incentive stocking” hint hint!! 🙂

  17. Excellent, thank you! 🙂
    Stocked with some “monster trout” … approximately what size, weight and length are you talking about?

    1. Hi Steve! You’re welcome. They average a pound and some go up to like 6 pounds! Length 10-18 inches or so. So “monsters” for community fishing trout.

  18. Fished Veterans Oasis Lake Friday Jan. 13. Was there 4 hrs not even a bite. Talked to others at lake. Same thing what with that? Was lake even stocked?

    1. Hi Michael — yeah they were stocked. I fished Rio Vista this weekend too and didn’t have any luck. Hard to say why…sometime they’re just not biting.

    2. Hey Michael: So the only issue we’ve been hearing from all these last stockings was about some trout dying at Veterans Oasis, but we do not have a definitive cause at this point.

  19. What could have caused all those trout to die? Miss handling by the fisherman who tried to catch and release? Bad water? Intentionally killed? I’m just curious. I’ve done my share of ocean fishing but lake fishing is all so new to me.

    1. There can occasionally be die-offs in out lakes due to poor water quality (low dissolved oxygen levels, for example) or an algae bloom…also rarely, it can just be an unhealthy batch of fish.

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