It’s an epidemic. Kids, teens, even adults, stuck to video games, smartphones, television… enough! We believe a healthy lifestyle through the heritage-rich tradition of fishing will give kids, families and friends alike lifelong tools with wide-open possibilities.

The Fish AZ blog is a fishing learning center to help get outdoors lovers out of the house and into the wild. Moms and dads: this is the tool to get you started. Yet this Arizona Game and Fish Department creation is for beginning and novice anglers of all ages. Why?

There are tips even seasoned “water-wise” veterans can use. Fish AZ also gives beginners easy ways to fish that will get you into this fun, simple and healthy lifetime endeavor with minimal time and cost.

Perhaps start by honing fishing skills in the Community Fishing Program waters, your area gateway to freedom. That could lead to the White Mountains, Mogollon Rim, Flagstaff and beyond.

Anglers can get interactive, too — leave tips, ask questions or just let us know what’s biting. Maybe we’ll add your comment into The Trawl, a “net” that collects the best readers’ comments.

This Arizona Game and Fish Department blog is edited by fishing Public Information Officer Nick Walter. (Email is nwalter@azgfd.gov.)

Finally, be sure to visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department home page.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. i would like to find out more about the north pond no.1, at Eldorado Park, Scottsdale, az. How many acres is it? Kow deep is it? What kind of fish are in it.?

    1. Hey, Thomas! Eldorado has catfish, trout, bass sunfish and some white amur. It’s 3.5 acres and has a max. depth of 10 feet. We have Community FIshing Program guide books with more info at all our offices.

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