Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal

Arizona anglers: Fishing report information is in transition.

For fishing reports, updates and more, visit our Fish AZ site.

We’ve developed a seasonal Fishing Forecast that will be updated four times a year and includes primary water bodies by region. This spring Fishing Forecast is on the “Fishing” section of our website and comes straight from our experts. It’s only one element of our fishing information.

Also, anglers can sign up for our fishing report newsletter.

We also suggest calling/visiting a local bait-and-tackle shop, fishing marina or guide service. Help us keep these reports fresh for your fellow anglers by sending your reports and photos to BFishing – one will be selected for Catch of the Week.

By providing this information, we want to give you the best experience on the water for your license dollars. So thank you.

Finally, we’re working on a new-and-improved fishing and boating map. Stay tuned!

Silver Creek catch-and-keep season opens Sunday

Headed to the high country? At Silver Creek, the catch-and-keep season will begin Sunday, April 1 and run through Sept. 30 as bait and barbless hooks may be used and the limit is six trout.  The upper section will close to fishing when this regulation changes for the summer season.  Harvest of trout in the lower section during the first week of April should be fair.

Before Sunday, regulations are catch-and-release with artificial flies and lures with single barbless hooks only.

Check out our Special Regulations waters map.

Take the Trout Challenge

Our Trout Challenge encourages anglers to explore trout fishing in some of the most scenic areas in Arizona. We manage more than 100 waters statewide, providing anglers numerous opportunities to catch several different species of trout, including two found only in the Southwest:  Gila Trout and Apache Trout. Read more.

Catch of the Week

Send your fishing reports and photos to —
one will be selected as Catch of the Week.

Alamo Lake

Jason T. with a reported 4.04-pound largemouth bass caught March 16 on a watermelon Senko.

See the Angler Reports

Family Fishing Events

During the events, loaner rods are provided, bait is free, and no license is required to those who register during event hours.

Saturday, April 7

Youth and Community Fishing Day. 8 a.m. – noon. Cortez Park 3434 W. Dunlap Ave. Phoenix, 85051

See the full events schedule

Stocking reports

By  Sunday, we’re scheduled to have stocked the following this week (sign up for I Support Wildlife for up-to-date and confirmed stocking reports):

Channel catfish

Thursday, March 22: “core” Community waters.

Rainbow trout

Ashurst Lake, Frances Short Pond, Pena Blanca Lake, Lower Salt River, Verde River (middle), City Reservoir, Santa Fe Reservoir.

See all the stocking schedules

Save time, buy online

Grab a license online (that helps conserve all species of wildlife, not to mention provides funding that goes back into fishing opportunities) and go “Fish AZ”.


6 thoughts on “Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal”

    1. I honestly am very excited to see all the new features around the fishing pages here from Game and Fish and all the angler reports. Maybe you should get with it Wayne by actually going fishing and figuring out Roosevelt lake is constant throughout spring needing no weekly report.
      I know how great Game n Fish, Rangers and other safety law enforcement do constantly here where I live in Lake Havasu keeping any lake users safe and deserve nothing but thanks.

  1. If you’re trying to piss people off by not posting fishing updates then you have accomplished your goal. It’s very difficult to navigate this molbe site. I suggest looking at the Texas website as an example. Much cleaner and directly shows the lakes report. Thanks

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