Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal

A November crescendo of rainbow trout stockings is getting anglers onto some serious stringers of fish. See the stocking schedules below for details — this week, trout are being stocked for the first time of the season into Salt River-chain lakes Apache and Canyon and Tucson/Safford-area waters Cluff Pond, Dankworth Pond, Patagonia Lake, Pena Blanca Lake and Roper Lake.

Best part is the Green Light Fisheries list of fish species from specific waters that may be consumed without limits includes all trout statewide. This is not to be confused with bag limits. Trout have been tested to be extremely low in mercury and so there are no recommended consumption limits.

Also, trout return to Community waters Nov. 16!

There will not be a fishing report next week so check back here or head to our fishing page for updates and a ton of resources.

Some other recent reports include:

Goldwater Lake was stocked with rainbow trout last week.
  • Goldwater Lake has been stocked twice this season and water quality has been clear and excellent. Our Catch of the Week (below) came from this pine-scented, mid-elevation lake.
  • One angler reported great action at Bear Canyon Lake last Saturday on the shore opposite the dam fly fishing green woolly worms (without a strike indicator), stripping quickly.
  • With falling water temperatures at Bartlett Lake (high 60-degree water temperatures) largemouth bass have started feeding more heavily in preparation for winter. Top baits during an early morning for Gary Senft, a Bass Pro at the Mesa Bass Pro Shops, were Rat-L-Traps (great for colder weather) in silver, and during late mornings, 1/4-ounce Texas rigged brush hogs in watermelon candy and Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ JigheadZ with 4 1/2-inch Roboworms and Powerworms in 10-12 feet of water.


Catch of the Week

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one will be selected as Catch of the Week.

Goldwater Lake


Tom and his father caught this nice stringer of rainbow trout trolling Kastmasters, Super Dupers, and Canadian nightcrawlers. The pair caught nine total.

See previous Angler Reports


Fishing license reminder

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Stocking reports

By  Sunday, we’re scheduled to have stocked the following this week (sign up for I Support Wildlife for up-to-date and confirmed stocking reports):


Frances Short Pond, Oak Creek, Dead Horse Lakes, Fain Lake, Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, Cluff Pond, Dankworth Pond, Patagonia Lake, Pena Blanca Lake, Roper Lake, Fortuna Pond, Redondo Pond.

Previous stockings

Rainbow trout

Friday, Nov. 3 — Patterson Ponds (St. Johns), Show Low Creek, Green Valley Lake, Frances Short Pond.

Channel catfish

Thursday, Nov. 2 — “Core” Community waters.

See all the stocking schedules


Family fishing events

At these free fishing clinics, loaner rods are provided, bait is free, and no license is required for those who register during event hours.


Family Fishing Fun at Pena Blanca Lake, 8 a.m. – noon. Pena Blanca Lake Off of SR 289 Nogales.

Contact: For more information please contact the Sport Fishing Education Program at (623) 236-7240

See a full events schedule.


One thought on “Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal”

  1. Last year I went to North Central Arizona as a part of my hobby. I love to fishing and my wife love to travel. That’s way we go many of the countries and enjoy very much. One day we go for fishing in Goldwater Lake. Goldwater Lake is reservoir formed by Bannon Creek, it’s at located south of Prescott in North Central Arizona. This lake is maintained by the Recreation Department. I enjoyed to fishing in this lake with my wife. We spend a great time in there.

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