Monster flathead catfish caught Saturday from Martinez Lake

Submitted by Ted McLoughlin

I wanted to tell you a little story about a big fish.

Kent Taylor, John Taylor, Patty Taylor and Ted “TBone” McLoughlin started Saturday, June 24  like any other Saturday night of fishing, good friends, hot weather and cold refreshments. Catfish season is in full swing and we spent the afternoon and early evening fishing for bait fish and had a blast filling the bucket with bluegill.

Once the sun began to set we found our way to a secret spot on the Colorado River near Martinez Lake. After setting up the boat with the rod holders, we began to fish for our favorite catfish “The Flathead,” king of the river.

It was a quiet start to the night, catching one 8-pound flathead. We continued to play cards to past the time as John Taylor, Kent Taylor have heard all of my fishing stories. The quiet was broken with the sound of Kent’s fishing reel peeling line out, and as he set the hook, we knew that night was going to be special.

After a great fight the 62.56-pound flathead catfish was landed — the excitement on the boat as you could imagine was unbelievable. This fish would be Kent’s personal best and after taking some pictures of the fish it was released back so that someone else can enjoy the feeling of pulling a monster flathead out of the water.

As the night progressed we also caught a 26-pounder — what a great night of fishing, it was definitely one for the books.

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