A drenched desert: slideshow from a wet and messy week

Well this has been some kind of wet and sloppy week, right?

Tempe Town Lake has reopened once again, and at most desert impoundments, rivers and creeks statewide, run-off and high flows shook our desert fisheries into a sliding chocolate milkshake.

This slideshow begins with a kayaker at Phon D. Sutton on the Lower Salt River, heads to Stewart Mountain Dam, and ends with sights from Tempe Town Lake.

CREDIT: George Andrejko/AZGFD


Fishing will only pick up from here, folks. Grab your gear, a license online, 24/7 if you need one, and “Fish AZ.”

How was your wet and messy week? Catch any fish? Chat us up in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “A drenched desert: slideshow from a wet and messy week”

  1. Dear AZDGF, how will the high water and coming snowmelt affect trout stocking in places like Wet Beaver, West Clear, and Oak Creek? The discharge still looks high in those creeks and the water “stained”.

    1. Hi! Typically high water and stained waters do not impede stockings for any sustained length of time. We are still stocking Oak Creek, and by the time places like Wet Beaver and West Clear are scheduled to be stocked, it would likely take some other factor besides effects from this winter’s high waters to cancel any stockings. Hope that helps!

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