Poll: how do you prefer to receive AZGFD fishing info?

As we continue to refine the ways in which we deliver fishing reports, stories and information, we’re asking for feedback on how we can best deliver this to you.

Please take this quick survey so we can serve you better:

16 thoughts on “Poll: how do you prefer to receive AZGFD fishing info?”

  1. Removing small mouth Bass from Willow Springs lake is a travesty. These fish provide a great opportunity for bass fishermen in the summer and have for many years, and take considerable pressure off the trout population which has to be stocked on a regular basis. If this practice continues it can only be defined as gross mismanagement.

    1. I agree with every point made by David.. Smallies are a cold water fish and coexist with other cold water fish. What is the reasoning/study that prompted this decision?

  2. Like email, blog and website but wish we could get stocking updates sooner. Always tells us after 1 week or more where they didn’ t stock. Waste time fishing in places not stocked.

  3. It is not fun to wade through your website. When you do finally find what you’re looking for you eventually change it.

  4. The website is fine, but I only want the fishing report. It would be nice to have it separate from the associated content.

  5. I’m not much of a fisherman, and I don’t need the fishing info. I do like the other stories and the recipes for game. Pete Gaiser

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