Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports

Send your fishing reports and pictures to BFishing@AZGFD.gov — one that includes a photo will be featured as Catch of the Week

Here’s the latest from your fellow anglers (click on the water for directions):

Desert Breeze Lake

img_0187Dave P.: This Incentive trout was caught at Desert Breeze Park. It started to rain and when this double rainbow appeared in the sky.


Shortly after, this rainbow trout hit the line like a ton of bricks.

My son Bryce Marco Permuy had a blast landing the fish. Tight lines is always the answer!

Tempe Kiwanis Lake


  • Craig S.:  I’d been going to Kiwanis Lake to fish for the last stocking for a change of scenery and for its ease of getting around as I have a spinal injury.

    My third trip (Jan. 18) I fished for about 6 hours in different spots/seats etc. to try and stay comfortable throughout the day. I’d seen 12 3-ish pounders already taken and who knows how many others I didn’t. I was about to rap up yesterday (Jan. 17) around 4 o’clock and just as I picked up the rod I got the hit! At first, I thought I had hooked a cat. It was pulling good and stayed down.

    There was an easy 25-plus yards of line out. My poles all have 6-pound line with slider weights and small treble with PowerBait (salmon eggs) on one and the other had a crawler with a tiny white PowerBait ball to look like mouse tail. After about 10 minutes I got to see it and “Wow.” I felt so good and reinvigorated after landing it as this is the biggest trout I’ve ever had.

    I have a Berkeley scale and it was 3.4 pounds on it. Caught Jan. 18 around 4:40 p.m. Best I’ve felt in a few weeks and today I’m still feeling better than average.


  • Damien B.  Caught Friday, Jan. 15, a big rainbow caught at Kiwanis Park. Caught on a gold Kastmaster.


Rio Vista Pond (Peoria)


Rick S.: His biggest trout to date.  Caught using a spinner.


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