Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports

Send your fishing reports and pictures to BFishing@AZGFD.gov — one that includes a photo will be featured as Catch of the Week

Here’s the latest from your fellow anglers (click on the water for directions):

Desert Breeze Park Lake

rm-troutRichard J.:  My 4-year-old son literally asks me every day if we can go fishing. Of course the answer is” yes.”

In the first week of this year, he caught his first trout at Desert Breeze Park (hanging on the stringer) on a piece of leftover English muffin with cheese on it from McDonald’s.

Then a couple days later caught a nice 16-inch rainbow at Red Mountain Ranch Park on green PowerBait.

Willow Springs Lake

Went Thursday to get in ahead of the weather. Cold, windy, sunny until late afternoon. Clouds moved in fish biting. Lost three. Tried it Friday. Clouds, warmer, zero wind. Zero bites. Enjoyed both days. The main body of the lake is ice-free.  The East arm iced over. I couldn’t see the West arm.

Red Mountain Lake


Jim E.: I caught another largemouth on Jan. 12 at Red Mt. Lake when another fisherman (Tom) accidentally snagged a shad while fly fishing and gave it to me.

On the first cast I caught it.  I was so excited I didn’t weigh or measure it I just had a few pictures taken and released it. The first one I ever caught was on Dec. 12  and a bit bigger than this one — what a thrill. I also owe my catches to Shaun who gave me the tip to use the shad as bait after he caught a beautiful largemouth with shad.

Shaun is there a lot and maybe the best fisherman there. He tows a cart on the back of his bicycle with about a dozen poles and knows how to use them.

Fain Lake

Michael W.: Tuesday, Jan. 17 — Fishing remains HOT!  In 3 1/2 hours of fishing, I caught and released 70 beautiful rainbow trout, ranging from 9 -13 inches.  Fish caught on south side of bridge at a depth of 18 inches, on 1.5-inch crappie tubes.  Weather conditions: cool and cloudy. Water conditions: stained.

Jan. 12 — Non-Stop Action At Fain Lake! In 2 hours of fishing, I caught and released 29 beautiful rainbow trout, ranging from 8-13 inches.  Fish caught on south side of bridge at a depth of 2-4 feet, on 1 1/2-inch crappie tubes.

Note: Lake was stocked with fish this week! Weather Conditions: cold and cloudy. Water conditions: stained.

Surprise Park Lake


Brandon G.: Caught this 18 1/2-inch rainbow trout — possibly 4.5 pounds.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports”

  1. Trout fishing in the Valley lakes/ponds has been poor this year because there are too many cormorants. Within a day or two after the trout stocking, the cormorants have eaten the vast majority of the fish. I counted more than 30 cormorants at one pond last week, and they were stuffing themselves. One of these large birds in my area ate 10 trout before it moved on.

  2. Very good to hear that you are working on a plan. Often I am teaching/helping youngsters at the city lakes catch fish, and this year has been difficult to keep their attention w/o fish biting.

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