How to beat winter striper fishing blues

The winter season is here and striper anglers want to relive holiday stress by hooking some line-zinging stripers.  This can be a tough adjustment for anglers who are used to filling coolers with 40-80 fish on a trip like they do during the summer and fall seasons.

I have solutions!

Where to fish? Somewhere over the rainbow


One solution is called rainbow trout fishing, and this is the time of year to enjoy an awesome winter bite for a beautiful rainbow colored fish. Many anglers are reporting great results with many guys catching their limits within an hour or two.

Anglers can fish around the city in the Community ponds and lakes or the other fisheries that are stocked on a regular schedule.  Try using PowerBait or meal worms on 4-6 pound test line or cast small Mepps, Kastmasters,  and roostertail spoons.

AZ winter striper fishing tactics: go midday


If you still have the passion to go after the striped bass, try going from midday (noon to 5 p.m.) when the fish seem to be most active.

If you’re able to cast-net live shad, the shad will help cause a bigger bite and more keeper-size fish. Shad can still be found in shallow water near the shores or structure.  If you can’t catch shad, use frozen anchovies and don’t forget to chum to attract and hold a school under the boat.

Continue to cover water when casting and try different speeds when bringing the lure back to the boat.  It’s somewhat normal to have a school of fish under the boat with no aggressive bites.  The key is to be patient and to drop that bait or artificial lure at different depths to trigger a fish to bite.

With the water temperature getting to lower 60-degree water, the striper are not as active and will need more enticing to bite.

This is my recommendation for the “Striper Blues!” Go trout fishing, and wait until the new year for more striper action.

Check out more fishing resources, and Tight Lines!

Barry Worman is the moderator of the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page

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