Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal

Although reports have slowed as Christmas creeps, the fishing likely has not slowed at certain low- to mid-elevation lakes.

For one, trout fishing in Community waters is one of the best options in the state. We’ve stocked the “core” Community waters — see the schedule.  One angler reported catching a 4-pound bass this week from Red Mountain Lake.

Also, the Lower Salt River — our No. 1-ranked fishin’ hole for this winter — and Saguaro Lake (pictured above) make a great one-two punch since they’re located close to each other.  Try nightcrawlers (on a dropshot rig if you’re able) for largemouth bass, yellow bass, bluegill and even catfish.

See a recent report for crappie tips — they have been caught in fairly shallow water (15 feet) at lakes such as Roosevelt Lake. Fishing for crappie has been poor at Alamo Lake — but that should change as water temperatures cool.

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Stocking report

This week we were scheduled to stock the “core” Community fishing waters, as well as Mingus Lake, Goldwater Lake, Canyon Lake, the Lower Salt River, Parker Canyon Lake, Patagonia Lake, and Pena Blanca Lake. See the schedule.

These are confirmed stockings from last week:

Rainbow trout

Monday, Dec. 12 — Goldwater Lake, Verde River (middle). Tuesday, Dec. 6 — Cluff Reservoir #3, Roper Lake, Dankworth Ponds, Fortuna Pond, Redondo Lake. Monday, Dec. 5 — Apache Lake, Deadhose Lake.

See the full schedule.

Licensed to fish

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