Take it from a mom: trout fishing how-to’s

Not only has she taught her 16-year-old son how to fish, she’s been consistently hooking trout — only trout, not catfish — for more than 10 years at Community fishing lakes and ponds.

Our “core” waters all are scheduled to have been stocked with trout by Saturday.

Liz is an avid local AZ angler specializing in catching trout at Community Fishing Program waters,


So here  are some trout fishing tips from Liz, known on some social media accounts under the handle @TennismomAZ:


Gulp an egg (so to speak)

Community trout retain their trademark rainbow sheen.
  1. Use a worm threader to poke a hole through one garlic infused yellow Berkley Gulp Egg, and thread on 4-pound test leader (about one foot in length) onto either a size 14 or 18 treble hook/egg hook.
  2. Attach to snap swivel with an egg sinker above the hook. Light line and tackle is key for trout. I use an ultralight rod and fresh line every season.Vanish by Berkeley is great line — no more than 4-pound test.

Irresistible to trout: the floating worm 


Just one of many Community trout caught by Liz.

Another great technique is to use a worm threader and half a nightcrawler below the egg and use a worm blower to puff up the crawler to help it float. See a how-to video as an example.

A little more messy than just using the egg alone, but very effective for catching trout. Both can be purchased at (local tackle shops) inexpensively.

Staying Alive: snug bait = less snags


Garlic infused PowerBait is good, too, but I’ve found the Gulp Alive eggs to stay on my hook more easily and I’ve had less snags using them.

Yellow/chartreuse seems to be the most effective color for whatever reason. Chartreuse or white PowerBait, too. The garlic-infused is well worth the extra $. I always catch fish this way and I’ve been fishing urban lakes now for more than ten years.

Winters are the best for fishing in AZ!

Finally, twin trout tips

    • Never store your rods in your garage in Arizona–the heat will kill your line and equipment.
    • Open reels are best for using your hand to close the reel after each cast to avoid line twist.


So there you go. Grab a license online, 24/7, check the Community regulationsand hit the water for some trout.

Follow Liz on Twitter and Instagram @TennismomAZ


Editor’s note: If you plan on catching and releasing trout only, please consider using barbless hooks, or larger hooks (Nos. 6-8) that will allow for a quicker and easier release and give trout their best possible chance at survival.

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