Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports

Send your fishing reports and pictures to BFishing@AZGFD.gov — one will be featured as Catch of the Week


Here’s the latest from your fellow anglers:

Chaparral Lake


Brian: Caught this catfish at Chaparral Lake on Nov. 14 using stink bait. Catch and release.

Colorado River (near Yuma)


Carlos D.: Caught this 24-inch channel catfish on the Colorado River near Yuma during our super moon.

Thank you and keep up the great work on e-newsletter!

Verde River (by Camp Verde)


Troy G.: Got this big Verde River largemouth on a square bill crankbait made right here in Camp Verde by a local custom bait friend of mine. Caught on the day of the super moon.

Big Lake


Mike L.: My brother and I fished Big Lake on Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Wednesday, Nov. 16.

We caught eight fish on Tuesday, of which 5 were 15-18 inches. On Wednesday the wind was howling and it was icy cold but we stuck it out and caught another 18 incher to end our fishing time on Big Lake. What a great trip it was. Truly my best fishing trip ever! We caught them on PowerBait and with lures. I won’t tell you which ones as I would like to keep that to myself. 🙂 Thanks!!

Saguaro Lake









Charles S.: Nov. 16, caught these two fish and lost another about the same size. Caught them on trick worms in shallow water.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports”

    1. Hi, Bruce! Right now they’re staging in 10-15 feet of water. Look for points and target those. The brookies will come up down these ridge lines and right up to shore, then work the shorelines back into open water. It’s getting cool enough to where this may be the last weekend to fish without skim ice. Hope that helps a bit! Good luck!

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