Get “out like trout” in Community fishing waters

By the weekend, thousands of pounds of rainbow trout will have been stocked into Community Fishing Program waters.

OK, we’ll even give you the exact day of the stocking …


Thank goodness for that day.

All of the “core” waters, plus Water Ranch in Gilbert and Green Valley lakes in Payson  (23 waters total), are scheduled to be stocked.

Anglers will be able to catch some of the nearly 6,000 pounds of trout that are coming from Colorado.

We’ve scheduled a total of nine stockings into “core” waters and 15 stockings into Green Valley lakes. Also, there are two planned stockings for the expansion waters with a possible a bonus stocking in January.

See the schedule.

(This will explain which waters are “core” and which are “expansion.”)

How to catch Community trout

Wanna get fancy? Throwing flies can catch trout, too!
Wanna get fancy? Throwing flies can catch trout, too!

To catch ’em, try worms, salmon eggs, PowerBait, corn, cheese, marshmallows, artificial lures and flies.

The number one key to successful trout fishing is to use light line (2 to 6 pound test), small hooks (10-14 sizes), and small sinkers.

See more fishing basics.

Licensed to fish

Grab a license 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online (and help conserve wildlife for future generations).

See complete Arizona fishing resources

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