Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports

Send your fishing reports and pictures to BFishing@AZGFD.gov

Here’s the latest from your fellow anglers (updated Nov. 17):

Frye Mesa Reservoir


Jim A.: Made a first trip to Frye Mesa reservoir on Wed., Nov. 9. Gorgeous little lake on a beautiful day. Caught and released two of these gorgeous fish. Lost another with a few more strikes. Hint: don’t follow Google map or directions on Coronado forest website.

Call Stafford ranger station — a very nice lady had perfect directions. Road easily driven with high clearance vehicle.

Saguaro Lake


David C. of Mesa: Early Sunday morning (Nov. 13), just before the sun rose on  Saguaro Lake, I hooked a really nice channel catfish that weighed in at 7.5 pounds.

Caught on a chicken liver sitting on the bottom in about 25 feet of water. I knew I had a big one right away when my pole doubled over with line stripping off my reel.

It took a minute or two to get him close enough to the surface to see the outline and that white belly, but then he took off again, straight to the bottom, stripping line away.

Three times he did this until finally we got him into the net. It was an exciting few minutes that made my day! The pic I included is poor quality but it’s the best one of the few we took. And although I’m dressed for the White Mtns, it really wasn’t all that cold out there! Thanks and best of luck on the water!


Woods Canyon Lake


Nicholas J.: Here are some pictures from our fishing trip on Thursday, Nov. 10, to Woods Canyon Lake. We caught a total of 12 all day — one of them was a tiger trout. We used PowerBait about 3.5 feet below a bobber and had good results.


Lower Salt River


Javier L.: Rainbow trout fingerling.


Show Low Lake


Brandon N.: My wife (Veronica) and I spent some time last week up in the Show Low/Pinetop area.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great and it rained most of the time. My wife sat in the truck the majority of the time while I fished in the rain.

On Friday, as the storm cleared and the sun appeared through the clouds right before sunset, she decided to make a few casts with a rooster tail in-line spinner. Next thing I know I look over and she’s fighting a beautiful 16-inch rainbow trout! Highlight of the trip. It would be awesome if she made the weekend round-up!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Angler Reports”

  1. I went to Parker Canyon Last Thursday got there at !2:30 P.M me and my buddy caught my limit of Rainbow in three hours . on z ray did not take pictures smallest one was 12″ Biggest was 18″

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