Arizona Fishing Report: The Reel Deal

Time to head to the land of bugling elk, rusty leaves and feisty trout.

We’ve recently put some extra loads of rainbow trout into many Mogollon Rim and White Mountains lakes. At many trout creeks, anglers might have their own section of water. Shouldn’t be hard to talk the family into this one.

Here’s a quick rundown of some waters that  have received some extra trout during the past 2 weeks (between 4,000 and 8,000 at each): Bear Canyon Lake; Fool Hollow Lake; Show Low Lake; River Reservoir; Woods Canyon Lake;  Willow Springs Lake; Hawley Lake; Reservation Lake; Silver Creek.

Trout have been stocked once again at Woods Canyon Lake.
Trout have been stocked once again at Woods Canyon Lake.

Also, a bunch of smaller brown trout were stocked into Rose Canyon Lake on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Yuma anglers: catfish are scheduled to return to your area’s community waters (Council Ave Pond in Somerton; West Wetlands Pond, Redondo Lake, Fortuna Lake). See the Community fishing stocking schedule, and a full update in the full report – your “expansion waters” are scheduled to be stocked.

Grab a license online (and help conserve all species of wildlife), get rigged and ready and enjoy the peace and quiet of a  high country hideaway.

Black Canyon Lake road/parking lot closure

The access road and parking areas at Black Canyon Lake will be closed to all vehicle traffic from October 10-19 for a paving project.  Pedestrian access to the lake’s shore is allowed, but parking is not allowed on the adjacent, maintained forest service roads.

Upcoming free fishing events

Tuesday, Nov. 22 – Welcome Back the Trout to Tempe  Town Lake, 4-6 p.m.

Stocking report

Brown trout

Thursday, Sept. 29 — Rose Canyon Lake. Wednesday, Sept. 26 — Lynx Lake.

Rainbow trout

Thursday, Sept. 29 — Rose Canyon Lake,  Frances Short Pond, Hawley Lake, Reservation Lake. Wednesday, Sept. 28 — Bear Canyon Lake. Tuesday, Sept. 27 — Bear Canyon Lake. Monday, Sept. 26 — Kinnikinick Lake, Canyon Creek, Bear Canyon Lake. Sunday, Sept. 25 — Fool Hollow Lake, Show Low Lake, Saturday, Sept. 24 — Fool Hollow Lake.

As you can see, winter trout stockings are ramping up. See the schedule.


2 thoughts on “Arizona Fishing Report: The Reel Deal”

    1. Hi, Michael! Not during the winter. Trout fishing tends to be excellent at Big Lake despite not being stocked with full-size fish. Each year, we do stock an average of 400,000
      fingerling trout, which are two- to three-inch fish. Most of these are rainbows. Hope that helps. Water temperatures are dropping there right now, and fishing is picking up. Good luck!

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