Slay early fall stripers at Pleasant


A new moon phase makes it ideal to night fish for striped bass and gives the angler the advantage with an underwater light.


There is a lot to be excited for when it comes to striper fishing.

Anglers at Lake Pleasant have had great success catching striper at 58-85 feet deep using anchovies.  I also recommend using worms on a dropshot. The benefit to using worms is they stay on the hook longer and the striper need to work a little harder to get the bait off. This means increasing your odds at a successful hook-set.  Many anglers have caught 5-8 pound striper the last week using worms.

Sun-up, sundown: an influx of striper boils

There have been increased striper boils at sunrise and sunset.  Be sure to cast shad-like colors, such has small paddletail swim baits in clear, white, smoking shad, money shot or chartreuse colors,  silver Kastmasters, and Rat-L-Traps in a chrome color.  If you want to take the enjoyment to the next level, cast top-water lures like spooks, Rebel poppers, and Rapala skitter walkers.

Watching striper explode out of the water will make the hairs on the back of your neck stiff.

Some anglers have also had luck using jigging 1-ounce spoons size 1-2 ounce spoons. Be sure to let that spoon bounce off the bottom and try different retrieval speeds when retrieving. This will help trigger a fish strike.

In the mornings, the striper have also been pushing shad against the shores in the coves. In some areas, this action can happen in less than 10 feet of water.  I have been using a fly rod this summer and using clouser fly’s and fly spooks when top-water opportunities present themselves.


There is no better feeling then catching a striper on a fly. Even a 2 pound striper will feel like a monster on a fly rod.

Hope everybody gets the chance to get out while the fishing is on fire at Pleasant.  Tight lines!

Barry Worman is the moderator of the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page

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