Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal

Some giant GIla trout were landed at Prescott's Goldwater Lake during last Saturday's Free Fishing Day.
Some giant GIla trout were landed at Prescott’s Goldwater Lake during last Saturday’s Free Fishing Day.

Bass are generally in post-spawn mode and scattered across lakes. Look for the night bite on bass to improve in the coming weeks as triple-digit high temperatures remain consistent.

Bass and trout aside, it is also bluegill time. Get the kids, bobbers, and worms. Backs of coves are usually best, especially if it is rocky or you can find submerged boulder piles.

This is also the time for huge cats. Some really nice channels are being caught, along with some monster flatheads. The Colorado River in the Imperial Division just on area that is notorious for some monster flatheads.

Last Saturday’s Free Fishing Day was highlighted by some monster Gila trout (like the one pictured) that anglers caught at Goldwater Lake. Some were pushing world records — go get yours.

Also, fire restrictions began on the Tonto National Forest at 8 a.m. on Thursday. See all of Arizona’s fire restrictions.

Stocking report

(On Twitter, follow @NickFishAZ or search #AZfishtracker for confirmed stockings and quicker updates.)

Rainbow trout
Wed.: Show Low Creek; Mon.: Silver Creek, West Fork Little Colorado River-Greer, Canyon Creek. Friday, June 3: East Verde River, Tonto Creek, Willow Springs Lake, Dogtown Reservoir, Canyon Creek, Lynx Lake.

Channel catfish
Thursday: Thousands of pounds of catfish were just stocked into Tempe Town Lake. We were also scheduled to stock all of the Community expansion waters — Patterson Ponds in St. Johns, Friendship Pond in Avondale, Bonsall, Roadrunner,  Eldorado, McQueen, Freestone, Discovery, Pacana in Maricopa, the Yuma-area ponds (Fortuna, Yuma West Wetlands, Council Avenue) and Dave White Pond in Casa Grande.

Friday, June 3: Silverbell Park Lake, Kennedy Lake, Sahuarita Lake, Copper Sky Lake, Surprise Lake, Rio Vista Pond, Pioneer Lake, Desert West Lake, Kiwanis Park Lake, Desert Breeze Lake, Cortez Park Lake, Steele Indian School, Encanto Park Lake, Papago Ponds, Evelyn Hallman Pond, Chaparral Park Lake, Riverview Lake, Red Mountain Lake, Veterans Oasis Lake; Frances Short Pond, Garrett Tank, Deadhorse Lake, Fain Lake.

Locate any of the above fisheries on our Fish&Boat map.

Grab that license online and go — you’re helping conserve all species of wildlife.

Apache trout restoration surveys at Black River

During the week of June 13–16, AZGFD biologists will be conducting stream surveys related to Apache trout restoration in the West Fork Black River watershed. Biologists will be using a water tracing dye to determine how long it takes water to travel from one point to another in the stream

The dye is non-toxic and persists for less than 30 minutes in water. Surveys will be conducted in the West Fork Black River between Forest Road 116 and Forest Road 25, and tributaries to the West Fork Black River including; Stinky Creek, Hayground Creek, and Home Creek. Biologists will be available to answer questions in the field during the tests or during normal business hours via email.

For further information regarding the project, please contact Mike Anderson and


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Angler Reports

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Patagonia Lake

This was my husband of 36 years. He has been fishing since 5 years old. This 60 pounder was caught on May 22 around 11 p.m. at Patagonia Lake. He used bluegill.

Tonto Creek
Jeff S.: Found a few trout these two were a double hookup on a hopper and copper John dropper. Caught them a week ago.

Fool Hollow Lake
Jeff C.: Thought I’d share this picture of a smallie I caught shore fishing with my fly rod this week at Fool Hollow. Just over 3 pounds, took a rust color woolly bugger off a rocky point.

Big Lake
My 13-year-old daughter caught this huge cut throat at Big Lake this weekend. Hers was more than 4 pounds and 24 inches long.


Nelson Reservoir
Charles P.: Greetings! This past weekend the fishing at Nelson was excellent. Trout were being caught on green garlic PowerBait and size 16 BH flashback hares ear.  There was also some large holdovers being caught on spinners.



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  1. At the house 835 holly in BBC they go fishing then dumb them across the st to rot. I have informed our city of this but without witness this nothing can be done. These fish are 10 lbs and bigger..

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