Community waters: home is where the fish are


Do you have community? It could be family, a group of friends, church, a neighborhood or small interest group … or buddies at your nearest Community Fishing Program water.

If you live in an urban area, there could be one just 10 turns away. Our Community Fishing Program guidebooks, available online and at all Game and Fish offices, will show your nearest honey hole on maps such as this one of the Phoenix-Maricopa area (click to enlarge):



Arizona fishing 101: a short-cut

A good way to learn how to fish in Arizona is to begin by “dialing in” your nearest water. Where do the fish tend to congregate after a stocking? Near the fountains?

Where are the deeper holes that catfish like to hang out during hot summer nights?

Where do the shady spots on the shoreline stretch around midday? Stick a camp chair there.

Check out our Fishing Basics page if you need some starter tips. Community waters are perfect places to consistently hone your fishing instincts.

Many of the same people enjoy the ramadas, barbeques, playgrounds, and other amenities.  These waters are stocked consistently in the winter with trout,  and through warmer spring and fall seasons, sunfish and catfish.

And at these communities, groceries are delivered. Here was the first catfish stocking of the summer a few weeks ago at Encanto Park in Phoenix:


This past Saturday at Phoenix’s Roadrunner Park (my nearest Community water) a catfish became dinner on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. A 10-minute drive and I was at the water, in the shade, unplugged. Back to basics.  This, for now, is my fishing community.



Where’s yours?

One thought on “Community waters: home is where the fish are”

  1. I’m on the far SE side of you in San Tan Valley. I frequent Veterans Oasis and Discovery Parks the most. Once in a while, I’ll venture to Red Mountain and Desert Breeze, the latter usually when my wife is visiting friends at Chandler mall. If I visit my brother in Tempe, he likes to hit up Tempe Town Lake, Riverview, Evelyn Hallman, McKellips and Chaparral. I first fished McKellips last month for a tournament. I also have season passes to the Phoenix zoo so I hit up Papago often.

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