Arizona fishing gets boost with return of Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is coming back to the desert

It’s time to grab a bag of shrimp or hot dogs — our first scheduled catfish stocking will be Thursday, March 24 in the core waters. Each year the Arizona Game and Department stocks catfish at least 11 times per year in core waters, and three times per year in “expansion waters.” In total each year, there are approximately 280 stockings of catfish into Community waters.

Yet another winter trout-stocking season has come to a close with last week’s final stocking. But the Arizona fishing adventures continue. Trout stockings will continue in Payson every two weeks until the second week of May.

Need a license so you’re ready for the return of Mr. Whiskers? It’s easy to purchase fishing licenses online — and they’re good for 365 days from the date of purchase. A Youth Combo Hunt/Fish License is just $5! A resident General Fishing License is $37 and a resident Community Fishing License is $24.

Bluegill are coming back, too

These next two weeks are going to be busy for us — and exciting for anglers — because the week following the upcoming catfish stocking, we plan to stock all Community core waters with approximately 5,000 pounds of bluegill.  The Department stocks bluegill sunfish only once per year, and this will be a great opportunity for the kids to catch a panfish.

Newest Community fishing water coming to St. Johns, Arizona

Patterson Ponds, located in the rural community of St. Johns in the White Mountains of northeast Arizona, will become the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s newest Community Fishing Program (CFP) water. The ponds are scheduled to receive their first stocking of rainbow trout during the week of March 21-26.

Patterson Ponds, located in St. Johns in the White Mountains of Arizona, will be the newest Community Fishing Program water. The plan is to stock the ponds with trout, catfish and sunfish, beginning with trout the week of March 21-26.

The site, located approximately 1.1 miles south of Highway 180 (West Cleveland St.) and 24th  St. W., is comprised of an upper and a lower pond that total approximately 8.2 acres.

The plan is to stock the ponds at least two times per year with trout, three times per year with catfish, and once with sunfish. The Commission approved the designation of Patterson Ponds as a Community fishing water and established daily bag limits of two trout, two catfish, five sunfish, and one bass. The waters consist of two adjacent ponds located on the southwest corner of town.

The stocking schedule might differ a little bit from the Phoenix and Yuma-area waters due to the elevation.

AZGFD Outdoor Expo is April 2-3

The Department is hosting its annual Expo from Saturday April 2-3 The event is located at our Ben Avery Shooting Facility just west of I-17 on Carefree Highway. Parking as well as attendance is free for all ages. Read more.

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