Arizona fishing report: The Reel Deal


An Arizona fishing report also is produced with the help of on-the-water research, such as this electroshocking survey performed last week by Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists on Roosevelt Lake. A result was monster flathead catfish in shallow water.

As water temperatures take these multiple, micro-dips, warning fish of the coming winter season, many fish will react by fattening up (as we tend to do.)

That includes largemouth bass and flathead catfish. Take a look at these flatheads from Roosvelt Lake. Biologists from our Mesa regional office just caught these fish during electroshocking surveys. Arizona is an excellent destination for its high quantities of big flathead catfish … and this was a couple more shards of evidence that we’re blessed to have this robust flathead fishery. Flatheads will be roaming shallow waters looking for fish such as bluegill and carp (you can even use a 5-pound carp as bait!)

Also from the Roosevelt surveys, we found that not as many largemouth bass were hanging around main points. Instead, the majority were located at the back of main coves.

If you’re new to flathead catfishing, check out a video for some tips. Anglers can fish the shores for flatheads — Bartlett Lake is popular for this in SB Cove and Bartlett flats.

We just received a report from Lake Havasu that striper fishing is good if anglers can locate the schools of shad around the island, chalk cliffs and Winsor State Park. Read more in the full report.

Before fishing this weekend, check out our stockings schedules, and our Fish&Boat AZ map for exact locations.

Be sure to help make sure we have plenty of fishing opportunities — and wildlife to watch — for years to come by purchasing your license online. We all are conservation leaders by being licensed annually.

Wildlife belongs to all Americans.

Free fishing event — AZGFD Fall Fish Festival

When: Saturday, Oct. 31, 8 a.m. to noon

Where: Hirsch Conservation Education Area (Biscuit Tank)-Ben Avery Shooting Facility, 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85086

Notes: The Arizona Game and Fish Department is planning a fall fishing festival for you and your family. Join our staff and volunteers in a morning of free, fun fishing festivities. This event is for beginning and experienced anglers, located at the Hirsch Conservation Education Area (Biscuit Tank) at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. We will have loaner rods available for use, or feel free to bring your own! Bait will be provided for this “catch-and-release only” activity. The entire event, including the use of loaner equipment, is free of charge! In addition, the first 50 kids to sign in with our event will receive a small “goodie bag” filled with holiday treats!

See the full public fishing events schedule.



(Please send your reports to

Lake Pleasant
Ike S.: Drop-shotting on Lake Pleasant using watermelon Roboworms using,10 to 15 feet, Oct. 22, 2015, the big storm did not hurt anything. Water is rising and water temps are dropping.

Lower Salt River
Marc P.: Just wanted to let you know I caught a nice rainbow trout at the Phon D. Sutton recreation area. I caught it by that huge rock by where the Verde River feeds into the Salt River. The water was calm in front of the rock, so I threw in a worm and bobber, and it bit on the first cast. We also caught a few small smallmouth bass that were taking a break from the strong current. We saw TONS of channel catfish hanging out at the Goldfield recreational area but we had no luck getting any of those. Also saw a few good sized bass with the cats.


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