Fishing Report — The Reel Deal


“This is why we live in Arizona.”

It’s a common phrase heard across “AZ” this time of the year, with our perfect and envious air temperatures. Fall fishing can be excellent from the desert lakes to the high country. This is also why we live in Arizona — monster bass.

Chris caught this 10-pound, 2-ounce largemouth bass from the Butcher Jones area of Saguaro Lake Oct. 15 — the day before his birthday — on a dropshot rig with 6-pound test fluorocarbon. He said it measured 26.25 inches.

There is an excellent YouTube video about the catch that we cannot publish. But here is a shot of this athletic leaper.

Congrats, Chris, on the fish of a lifetime!

If you have never made a trip to Lake Powell, there’s hardly a better time. Fishing is exceptional, and if you haven’t witnessed the scenery, well, first see some of it for yourself with this blog/video from a recent trip to Lake Powell with Wayne Gustaveson, who has fished Powell 41 years. (Stripers, unlike that day, are again going bonkers for shad.)

Just go.

Fall trout fishing in Arizona

Also, as we head into November, keep an eye on water temperatures in the high country. Last year, trout fishing picked up dramatically in the White Mountains when water temperatures were in the low-to-high 50s (depending on elevation). This is the ideal temperature range for trout and they will be actively trying to add weight before the onset of winter.

Once there is little difference between surface water temperature and water temperature in deep water, trout will be found at any depth.

Trout stocking in some of the prime Phoenix and Tucson-area lakes begin the first week of November. See the full schedule.

By the way, let’s take a quick step back remember a reason supporting the Arizona Game and Fish Department is so crucial. We believe that future generations should have the same recreational opportunities, and the same abundance of memory-etching wildlife, that we have. We do not receive state tax dollars. So we rely on your participation, such as license sales and even donations.

Then all you have to do is fish or engage in shooting sports or get out on a hunt (not a bad deal.)

As you’ll read, there are many ways to support wildlife.

If you need a license, we’ve made choosing your best option much easier. The options are “short and sweet” and licenses are valid 365 days from the date of purchase. Buy one online and help conserve wildlife for future generations

Brown trout spawning season

This is also the season of spawning brown trout. Wild brown trout can be found in Chevelon Canyon Lake and River Reservoir because they are able to spawn in the rivers that enter those lakes. You can usually find brown trout anywhere in the lake, but near the incoming river is obviously a good place to start this time of year. Large brown trout prefer fish and crayfish to eat, so using lures and large streamers that imitate fish and crayfish are usually productive.

Brown trout are usually more active as it gets dark as well, thus staying that extra hour at the end of the fishing day could really pay off. But make sure you are prepared, as the air temperatures drop quickly as the sun sets.

Free fishing event — AZGFD Fall Fish Festival

When: Saturday, Oct. 31, 8 a.m. to noon

Where: Hirsch Conservation Education Area (Biscuit Tank)-Ben Avery Shooting Facility, 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85086

Notes: The Arizona Game and Fish Department is planning a fall fishing festival for you and your family. Join our staff and volunteers in a morning of free, fun fishing festivities. This event is for beginning and experienced anglers, located at the Hirsch Conservation Education Area (Biscuit Tank) at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. We will have loaner rods available for use, or feel free to bring your own! Bait will be provided for this “catch-and-release only” activity. The entire event, including the use of loaner equipment, is free of charge! In addition, the first 50 kids to sign in with our event will receive a small “goodie bag” filled with holiday treats!

See the full public fishing events schedule.



(Please send your reports to

Fool Hollow Lake
Kevin C.: of Tucson: Caught this northern pike, 36-plus inches, 13 1/4 pounds at Fool Hallow Lake on Oct.15.






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