Fishing in a county pool? AZGFD clinic one way to learn how to fish Arizona

Sitting on the dock of the … swimming pool

AJO — Learning how to fish in Arizona can be easy. Hit the water on your own, find a mentor, join a fishing club. Or let the Arizona Game and Fish Department give you free hands-on advice. AZGFD wants to teach — even if that means delivering catfish to a county swimming pool in the middle of the Sonoran desert.

It’s not easy fishing in Ajo, Arizona, located 43 miles from the Mexican border, and a 2 1/2-hour drive away from Tucson or Yuma. The only real fishing hole is the Gila Bend canal off S.R. 85. The Department-hosted, free fishing clinic Sept. 26 in Ajo that was slammed with anglers is just one of an ongoing assortment of free statewide fishing clinics. See the full schedule through November.

“This was something they never thought they’d see in Ajo,” said Merrill Meadows, a park manager for Pima Country Natural Resources.”Ajo’s out in the middle of the Sonoran desert; we get maybe 8-9 inches of water per year. Fishing in a county swimming pool is not something that’s typically done elsewhere. Or anywhere.”

Fish, swim — but don’t let Mr. Whiskers tickle your feet. This was, in a sense, a once-in-25-year event. The Ajo Pool in Bud Walker Park is about to undergo resurfacing, a project that tends to take place every quarter century.


The channel catfish stayed deep, milling in and around plants and plastic buckets, hovering in the cooler, deeper end. About 200 registered. A few kids showed up an hour early on their bicycles, asking if they’d be able to bring fish home to eat (for this event, they did.) They asked what they needed, and like at most AZGFD fishing clinics, loaner rods and reels and bait were provided. No license is needed during clinic hours to those who register.

The kids asked when the event would begin.

“Then all three started talking at once,” said Marci Alderman, AZGFD Sport Fishing Education Coordinator. “Everyone was super-excited. I wasn’t joking when I said it seemed like the whole town showed up.”


Continued tips on how to fish Arizona

After attending an AZGFD fishing clinic, continue following the Fish AZ blog, or head to the AZGFD fishing page for information and maps on where and how to “Fish AZ.”

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    1. Hi, Mel! That’s sure generous of you. We definitely could use it. Please contact our Sport Fishing Education Program to schedule a time to drop off equipment. The number is at (623) 236-7240. Thanks again!

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