Weekly Fishing Report: The Reel Deal


Hot desert nights are made for bottom dwellers — catfish and carp. Relax on the shoreline, wet a line with some stink bait, corn or both, watch the sky for meteor showers (plenty of shooting stars could be seen from boaters at Bartlett Lake Thursday night), and hook into Mr. Whiskers at the same time.

If you want bass, it’s time to either go deep or catch some surface action. Using drop shots is probably the best method right now for catching deep bass in our desert reservoirs. See a video n how to rig and use drop shots.

It’s also about time for a final high-country trout fishing excursion. Consult our summer trout stocking schedule.

And if you don’t have a license, purchase one online. They’re valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and help conserve wildlife.

(Please send your fishing reports to

Saguaro Lake
Gene M.: My son and I fished Saguaro on Saturday Aug. 8 before sunrise. On my second cast I caught this 5-pounder and an hour later my son caught this 8-pounder. We both caught several 3.5-pound largemouth. We caught a total of seven largemouth all on frogs in the snags. It was a great morning of fishing with my son.

Fool Hollow Lake
Dorman G.: Spend last weekend at Fool Hollow. Fished dawn and dusk and better part of each day with no success. Talked to every fisherman I saw and everyone said they hadn’t had a single bite. Just wondering how bad a lake must be before it’s rated “poor.”

Lake Pleasant
Jim N.: Fishing at Lake Pleasant is great, while fishing the mouth of Humbug cove at 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. we boated top-water white bass, striped bass, largemouth to 2 pounds — considering the water temp of 83 degrees and that species like whites and stripes can lose weight in such temps makes them feed heavily but for shorter periods making them harder to find for most anglers.

We followed the stripers out of the cove, saw largemouth in the water by rock piles where stripers and whites were. Stripers went deep, bass stayed shallow by islands west side of Humbug/main bay. We used the Keitech swim minnow with the painted minnowhead. We boated bass on drop-shot with my son getting a nice channel too.

My son and I can hardly wait for the cooler fall temps and dangerous storm season to pass.


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