Nightcrawler-jigging catches sunfish hybrid and mixed bag July 28 at Lake Pleasant



How can you catch multiple species of bass as well as a mixed bag of bluegill and catfish?

Jig a nightcrawler. But you already knew that. Right?

How to fish Arizona-style for multiple species

Here’s the rig Troy Ackerman of Cottonwood used on Tuesday, July 28 to catch a 1.44-pound slab of a redear/green sunfish hybrid, as well as bass and catfish, from Lake Pleasant: An outfit comprised of a flexible, medium-action 8-foot-6 Eagle Claw rod with a standard spinning reel, 6-pound monofilament test line and a 1/8 ounce leadhead jig (shaped like a pencil bobber) with a nightcrawler.

Slide the nightcrawler all the way onto the jig, which is bounced along the bottom in this pattern: jig, reel in the slack, wait for the bite as the jig is falling, and repeat the process.

Ackerman and a friend said they catch all the aforementioned species using this rig. The Eagle Claw rod and reel outfit can be purchased at Big 5 Sports for around $60 and the jigs are available at Walmart.

Arizona fishing has never been easier.

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