Cholla Ramp closed at Alamo Lake until at least Aug. 31

Alamo6_JFRCholla Ramp at Alamo Lake, which Alamo Lake State Park ranger Mark Knapp  said is unsafe, will be closed until at least Aug. 31.

Also, beginning June 15, the campground by Cholla Ramp will be closed as well until Aug. 31.

Lower water levels have exposed prop washes and a few boaters during Memorial Day weekend reportedly busted their props.

Alamo Lake is a 3,500-acre impoundment created by Alamo Dam. It is located on the Bill Williams River below the confluence of the Big Sandy, Santa Maria, and Date Creek tributaries.It was created with the completion of Alamo Dam in 1968. The earthen dam is approximately 39 miles upstream of the Colorado River at Lake Havasu.

Fishing Alamo Lake

Alamo7_JFRFluctuating water levels are common in the reservoir and increases of water level up to 7 vertical feet in twenty-four hours is possible.   The current water elevation for Alamo Lake is updated regularly by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The “target” lake elevation of 1125 feet (subject to the vagaries of nature) creates an impoundment of 3683 acres.

Alamo Lake is popular for its good to excellent largemouth bass, crappie, and channel catfish fishing. However, sunfish, tilapia, and carp fishing can also be good.

Bass fishing at Alamo Lake can be some of the best in Arizona.

Techniques for bass fishing vary widely. However in general, when fishing for bass in the cooler months, when bass are less active, fish deeper water with jigs, swimbaits, or plastics, using a slow retrieve.

As the water warms up in the spring and summer, bass become more active and move to shallower water. During thus time most people use plastics, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, or crankbaits with a faster retrieve. Plastic baits resembling worms, crawdads, frogs, or lizards can also work well. For best results, fish around structure such as weedbeds, emergent vegetation, brush, or tree stumps.

Channel catfish, sunfish, tilapia and carp fishing can also be good at Alamo Lake. For channel catfish use nightcrawlers, chicken liver, stinkbait or some other form of “smelly” bait. Catfishing is usually best at night. Sunfish can be caught on meal worms, night crawlers, or small crappie jigs. Tilapia and carp fishing is often overlooked but Alamo Lake can produce some real trophies.

The upper end of Alamo Lake has a lot of dead standing vegetation and debris, often just below the water surface. This is great cover for fish, but presents a hazard to boating. Be aware that there are no navigational hazard markers at the upper portion of the lake, once you pass the second buoy line.

Alamo Lake State Park, located on the southwest end of Alamo Lake, provides both primitive and improved camping, and paved boat launches.

There is a small store in the Park, where you can get ice, snacks, fishing tackle and bait, as well as information on current fishing. A certified scale is located at the store. No fuel is available at Alamo Lake. It is sold at Wenden, and nearby Wayside.

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