Video: AZGFD stocks 13,000 pounds of catfish April 30 into Phoenix/Tucson Community waters

Follow AZGFD’s Lisa Burton as she explains how on Thursday, April 30, 2015, she helped stocked some of the 13,000 pounds of channel catfish into the Phoenix-area “core” Community Fishing Program waters.

Tucson CFP waters also received catfish.

Core waters are: (Chandler) Desert Breeze, Veterans Oasis; (Maricopa) Copper Sky; (Mesa) Red Mountain, Riverview; (Peoria) Pioneer, Rio Vista; (Phoenix) Alvord, Cortez, Desert West, Encanto, Papago Ponds, Steele Indian School Pond; (Scottsdale) Chaparral; (Surprise) Surprise Lake; (Tempe) Evelyn Hallman Pond, Kiwanis; (Tucson) Kennedy, Lakeside, Silverbell; (Sahuarita) Sahuarita Lake.

How to catch catfish in Phoenix and Tucson community waters

Catfish are best caught using a hook-and-sinker setup and bite best in darker environments. Fish the deepest spots during the daytime and shallower areas after dark.

EncantoCatsTry 8-to-12-pound test line, size 2 to 6 baitholder hooks with worms, stink baits, hot dogs, liver or shrimp.

Community fishing licenses can be purchased for $24 and are also now included in the General Fishing and Combo Hunt/Fish licenses. These licenses help conserve wildlife and can be purchased online.

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