Lynx Lake receives juvenile brown trout (lunkers being caught)

LynxBrownStocking effort to boost long-term angling opportunities

PRESCOTT, Ariz. –– Lynx Lake is ready to be stocked with brown trout for the second consecutive year.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department, which stocked brown trout in Lynx last year, will be placing approximately 6,000 of the fish into the lake this week.

According to Matt Chmiel, fisheries program manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Region 3 office in Kingman, this is the result of surplus fish.

Chmiel said these fish are not a catchable size at just 7.5 inches. However, holdover brown trout from previous stockings have grown considerably and are being caught.

“We’ve had a number of reports of people catching brown trout over the last couple of months,” Chmiel said. “So, while this stocking won’t immediately put dinner on the table, we know there are good-size holdovers in the lake. And, later this year or next year, these trout will certainly make for a good fishing opportunity.

“Brown trout stocked in the past were also smaller, and now we are receiving positive feedback from anglers about fishing for brown trout. We hope to see a continued interest following this effort.”

Lynx Lake 101214 011When wetting a line in search of brown trout Chmiel said any number of catching techniques can work. With fish that are more piscivorous (fish feeding) than rainbows, he suggests using spinners and flies, but lately anglers have reported success using nightcrawlers.

Zen Mocarski, public information officer for the Kingman office, said fishing remains one of the best deals in regards to daily entertainment. An in-state license is $37 for in-state residents. The license is good for trout and is valid for 12 months.

For a statewide fishing report, log on to the Game and Fish Department’s website at Licenses are available at the Kingman office as well as at license dealers throughout the state and online.

For information specific to fishing in the Prescott area, visit

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