Angler Reports, Oct. 28, 2014

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Here’s what anglers said was biting over the weekend across Arizona:

BigLakecuttroatBig Lake

Dennis D./James T. of Sierra Vista: Hello, my son-in-law and I camped at Big Lake Oct. 17 – Oct. 22 and it was a great week of fishing and relaxing. We managed to catch three cutthroat trout (one pictured above), the biggest weighing in at nearly 4 pounds. In one day we caught 11 fish, lost four, and on another day we caught around 10. The weather is turning to cold, we had nightly rain, cold temps (lowest was 32) and in the daytime temps were in the 60s. Happy Fishing!

 Long Lake

Steve C.: Went to Long Lake on Oct. 24 with five guys in party. Fished all day with no luck. Water VERY low, ramp out at least 30 feet. We were hoping for pike and were not sure if Game and Fish removed pike like they did at Ashurst. Any feedback would be helpful to avoid spending money and time chasing fish that are not there.

  • Steve: We’ve only removed pike from Ashurst Lake. Because the water level at Long Lake is so low, there may not be many pike remaining. Likely, the big pike have eaten the smaller ones. Consider trying nearby Soldier Lake. Lake levels are higher, and there’s pike, walleye, largemouth bass, and some giant bluegill – if you can get them to bite. — Nick

BobSdavisdamDavis Dam, Colorado River

Bob S. from Orange, Calif.: Caught at Davis Dam, No. 12 hook, on cut anchovies (right).

Bear Canyon Lake

Ryan W.: Caught this rainbow (22-inch, 5- pound) at Bear Canyon Lake on Oct. 18 at 11:30 a.m. using a small Kastmaster with 6-pound test and a ultralight rod. What a fight.

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One thought on “Angler Reports, Oct. 28, 2014”

  1. We fished Lynx lake at Prescott on 9/10/2015 from 0630 to 11:00 AM using flies, assorted spinners and an equal assortment of power bait. The lake was dead-calm until a light breeze about 10:30 AM kicked-up. No fish! No bites! Nothing followed the spinners. One other fisherman was using a Texas rigged dark-colored plastic worm about 6-inches and catching 8 to 12-inches bass fishing the small cove to the left of the lower parking lot and in the ‘weeds’ to the right of the boat launch ramp. He kept none but it was exciting watching him play each fish for all of its worth.

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