Roosevelt Lake/Tonto Creek fishing report

From Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:


IMG_3756Quick tip Friday from Goughnour: “I’m hearing Bass Point using 3/4 oz jigs or C-rig with 10-inch worms is on fire right now. I drove past there this morning and saw three Tonto Basin locals all fishing within 20 yards of each other….not hard to figure that one out! It was confirmed at the Tackle Box on my way home!

Onto the full report:

Good morning Rim Country Anglers,

This will be the week for some evening and night fishing. We’ll have a full moon tonight, actually a “super-moon,” and the cloud cover has been keeping the temperatures slightly lower.

So call your fishing buddy, and make a plan.  Bass fishing on Roosevelt Lake was called good this past week by local anglers. The bass are in a summer pattern and anglers are reporting a good bite in the early morning and after sunset until about midnight.

The lake dropped again this past week and currently stands at 42 percent full. The flow in the Salt River flow increased this past week due to the monsoon rains. The flow is just under 200 cubic feet per second, which is more than 100 percent of its normal rate for this time of year.

The Tonto Creek is flowing slightly at 3 cubic feet per second. The monsoon rains benefit not only the water level but the water flowing into the lake also brings nutrients which is critical to small fry fish that were born a couple of months ago.

A Texas Rig technique and jigs were the most reported successful techniques this past week; however, a dropshot and Carolina rig were also reported successful.

One local angler told me yesterday that he caught a 9-pound bass using a 10-inch curly tail worm in 30 feet of water depth. Anglers are fishing main lake points or dropoff areas near flats such as Goose Flats, Bass point or Connor’s Ledge.

Most  bass are in the 15-35 feet of water, but some are being caught as deep as 40 feet. So if you’re fishing a drop-off, let the bait settle on the bottom before lifting it again so it can fall to a deeper depth.  If you plan to fish at night, you might try a 10-inch black ribbon tail worm.

Crappie fishing “fair,” holding tight to structure

The crappie bite stayed steady last week and was called fair. Remember that this time of year, crappie will be right in the brush or under a ledge. Fishing vertically with an ultralight rod and 4-pound test line will allow you to feel your way through the brush to get your bait in front of the crappie.

Two baits were recommended this week: A Lil’ fishy in the blue pearl color and a 2-inch  motor oil and chartreuse tail grub. If you plan to fish at night this week, under the full moon, a live minnow is the only bait to use.

The monsoons are in full swing in Rim Country this week. We remind all anglers and outdoors enthusiasts to pay attention to the weather conditions and don’t risk a serious situation. Monsoon storms typically last 1-2 hours so remember these words from an experienced angler: “The time to plan for bad weather is before it storms.” You should always know where you would run for shelter, if caught in a storm.

Have a great week of fishing next week and I hope see you on the water.

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