Anglers reports, June 30, 2014

Arizona angler reports, June 30, 2014

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Lake Pleasant

  • PleasantBassBarry W from Saturday, June 28: The various coves have been producing some great fishing. This time of year you will see boils for sure before sunrise and near sunset.My wife and I found a small striper boil in one of the bays nearshore (about 3-10 feet deep). Only lasted 5 minutes, but it produced a fish on every cast during the top water action.Small lures that had a flash like a silver Kastmaster, or small shad-looking crank or jerk baits worked well also.I had a blast using a white Zara Spook on the top water. I also caught a largemouth bass during the boil. Remember that all the fish are competing for those bait fish and you never know what you have until it comes to the boat.

    Once the sun went down we started fishing anchovies at the mouth of a bay. The depth was 100 feet with fish submersed at around 35-50 feet.

    Once we get father into the summer and hotter weather the fish will go deeper and the boils will be more common and luckily longer with duration. I normally like using live shad for catching striper but it’s been difficult lately. The shad have moved out from shallow water and seem to be sporadic throughout the lake which makes it tough for netting. Other fisherman have shared the same frustration with me on the lake as well regarding cast netting.

    Just one tip I wanted to share with everybody when it comes to boil fishing on Pleasant or any other lake. If you see a great top-water boil, and fellow fisherman fishing that boil, please try to do the following: never drive into the boil with your boat.

    This can risk the fish moving on and also make it difficult for other fisherman to cast into the boil area. Also try to use your trolling motor, or drift your boat to the outside edge of the boil. The noise from the boat motor can reduce the length of the boil.

    Cast your lure over the boil and work it into the feeding frenzy area. In general, silence is golden and less boat noise will generate more success with a striper boil. I hope we all get to fish these exciting boils together. Good luck fishing!

    DennisFPlezDennis F.: A party of three anglers caught about 12 stripers apiece last Sat. night during the new moon using submersible lights and anchovies. Small stripers about 30 feet deep took smaller anchovies, larger stripers 60 ft deep took larger ‘chovies. Have at ’em, y’all!

Alamo Lake

Justin G.: Went out to Alamo Lake on June 27 to fish the night. Fished the north end of the lake in the trees. Between my nephew, and my son and I, we caught about 20 decent channel catfish, 20 nice crappie, and two bass. We were fishing in roughly 30 feet of water. Catfish were caught on shrimp, crappie and bass were caught on minnows dropping to the bottom and bringing them up slowly. We were fishing under a light as well. Justin

Show Low Lake

SHowLowtroutSteve M.: My grandson Kellen was visiting from Carlsbad, Calif.

I took him to Show Low Lake and he caught these beauties in about one hour from the shore.

Saguaro Lake

Scott: A friend and I went fishing Saturday night, June 21, ended up catching six bass, one bluegill and oosing two bass at the boat. Average was about 1 pound each but the kicker went 6.5 pounds — can’t wait to get back out there and try for bigger!! All caught on Texas rigs or dropshot. Tight lines!!

Kinnikinick Lake

KinnininickinMorning(MAIN)David C. Trolled all day with cowbells/crawlers and assorted lures. I never got a hit. Other anglers were having a tough go at it as well. I love a challenge and will be back. Plus, you can’t beat the scenery!

Colorado River (Picacho State Park to Imperial Dam)

Charles S.: Water temps in the current have been around 80 to 81 degrees and lake temps have been around 85. Water levels have been a little higher than normal for this time of year, yet levels appear to be steady, vegetation near the water surfaces is noticeably less abundant than this time last year. Big bass are out in force, current fisherman can catch them pitching/flipping jigs, creatures or plastic worms. Experiment with colors and presentations, but expect to cover a lot of water as these fish are under constant pressure from anglers.

Lake fish are biting as well, although I strongly feel that the sheer numbers of resident bass in many lakes has dwindled, largely due to the catch and relocation that occurs during bass tournaments. But that’s just my personal opinion, and not the opinion of AZ Game and Fish. I fished Martinez over the weekend and shallow diving crank baits seemed to produce the better quality fish, though they were scarce. Most lakes are experiencing heavy boat traffic on the weekends and 4th of July weekend is sure to put a damper on lake fishing, as well as in the current, especially if you are planning on fishing past 9 am or the lower side of Picacho State Park.

I also caught the weigh-in for the Saturday night catfish tournament held out of Fisher’s Landing, the weigh-in was Sunday from 4:30 am to 7:00 am. I believe all fisherman weighed cats, it looked like maybe 8 or so of them being in the 15 lb. range, one angler proudly brought a near 30 pound yellow cat the scales. He walked down the ramp and released his catch into the marina after weighing in. It was also reported that the cats had a fondness for live bluegills this weekend.

Lynx Lake

LynxTroutAndy O.: Fished June 25 and caught a nice 6-8 rainbow trout. Not a lot of action, but after sunset things got a bit better. Took a pink, floating PowerBait.

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