Angler Reports, June 24, 2014

Mogollon Rim/Roosevelt Lake

June 21 abbreviated report from Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:

IMG_3756Roosevelt Lake water level dropped another 1% this past week and currently stands at 45% full. The Tonto Creek has stopped flowing the Salt River is flowing at 40% of its normal rate for this time of year.

The water temperature is increasing with morning temperatures in the low 80s increasing to the mid-to-high 80s during the afternoon.

The water clarity increased this past week and is now being called clear or slightly stained depending on where you’re fishing on the lake. The Tonto end of the lake is reported to be more clear than the Salt River end.

Bass fishing was called good this past week. Post-spawn bass are still chasing shad on the surface, but that bite clearly slowed this past week. The best success was reported this past week on Texas-rig and Carolina rig 6-inch green lizards.

A dropshot technique using a morning dawn or camo-colored Roboworm and a weightless Senko were also reported successful.

Most anglers reported fishing main lake points in 15-25 feet water.

The best time to fish reported this past week was the late afternoon until dark when the fish begin moving to shallow water. One experienced angler reported a good jerk bait bite in shallow water that lasted from sunset until after dark.

Crappie reported “fair” at Roosevelt

Night time crappie fishing was reported to be fair this past week. The moon phase should make small jigs and small spinnerbaits effective this week, but most anglers prefer to use live minnows for night time crappie fishing.

Rim trout fishing

If you haven’t made a trip onto the Rim for some trout fishing, you need to make plans. The Rim lakes are well stocked and anglers are having great success.

Lots of baits were reported successful this past week. So just about any trout bait you like to fish will catch trout. Fly anglers are gradually switching to dry flies as many insects can now be seen on the surface.

If you’re a fly angler, the old adage of matching the hatch will apply to the rim trout lakes. Now if you are camping this weekend, please read the AZGFD website related to the level II fire restrictions. The forest is extremely dry in most areas so be extremely careful.
Have a great week of fishing and I hope see you on the water.

Saguaro Lake

Jim F. of Tempe had fun with a summer-pattern bass at Saguaro Lake: Looks like the good summer fishing patterns are finally here. My buddy and I hit Saguaro slightly before first light on Saturday (June 21) and caught well over a dozen nice bass within a couple of hours.

All were caught on top-water lures and all attacked the bait voraciously. We mainly used Zara Spooks, but also got a couple of hits using a medium-sized frog.

After the top-water action fell off we went into a cove and threw jerk baits for a while. My buddy hooked up on a good sized bluegill and as he brought it near the boat a really big bass inhaled the bluegill.
Apparently most of the treble hooks were in the bluegill, because as he brought it up to the top of the water the bass opened his mouth and slid away. Maybe we’ll get him next time!
Anyway, the bite is on, so get out there and have a blast like we did.

Canyon Lake

CanyonLakeBiggieI caught this monster bass on a shad about 7am last Thursday. Don’t know how much he weighed but, I’ll get a scale now. Cory Kunselman

Roper Lake

RoperLakefishHi, my name is Mike M. and I took the kids fishing on Roper Lake June 19-21. It was great. We caught 22 largemouth total. The first eight were caught Thursday afternoon ‘till dark. All eight were a pound or less.

On Friday, 12 more were caught, and four of them in the 2-3-pound range, and the other eight were less than that. Fished from 6 a.m. -12, than again after 4:30 p.m. ‘till 7 p.m.

On Saturday morning, we only caught two in the morning from 8 a.m.-9 a.m. from the shore. All the other fish were caught from a 12-foot jon boat. All fish were caught on a shallow crankbait, the same one but two different colors.

Lake Pleasant

PleasantStriperLook at these striper I caught at Lake Pleasant June 17. Do not know how much they weigh, but they were big…. got them on anchovies about 30 feet down.

Tempe Town Lake

Brothers J.C. and Scott always do relatively well on Tempe Town Lake. Key is to get there at first light. We fished the east end of the lake by the small dam Thursday, and caught at least one of every type fish in the lake, except for trout.

Large and smallmouth bass, bluegill, several nice catfish, and a 12-pound carp. All were hitting on Mepps minnow spinners and red/white striped spoons.

JC said. “I must have bounced the red and white spoon right in front of the carp, as it’s unusual for them to hit lures. Had a great 15-minute battle to wear him down and get him in the net. He barely fit! We caught 13 fish, all released, within the first two hours. Then it slowed steadily as the day warmed up. One of the nicer bass is pictured above, by Scott. You don’t need to get out of town to catch fish, just get up early and hit the local lakes.”


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