Alamo Lake fishing report from Wednesday, June 4

Alamo Lake


Wednesday, June 4 Alamo Lake fishing report from Mark Knapp, park ranger at Alamo Lake State Park:

Well folks, this is hot off the press. I just got off the the lake about 30 minutes ago. (I have been gone for the last week to New Mexico trying to get my place ready for fire season. Although my grandson and I spent several days removing weeds and junk from around the place, it borders a national forest. If you know where Reserve, N.M., is then you know what I’m talking about. It’s just like Arizona. No rain or snow for the winter. I’m just hoping the place is still there after this years fire season).

Catfishing exellent, bassin’ decent

Anyway, I got off at 4ish Alamo time, dumped the monkey suit and was on the water at 4:10 a.m. I fished till 8:30 this evening. I caught seven bass, one going about 4 pounds. I also caught one big catfish and a crappie. I missed more fish than I caught. I caught all my fish on plastics. Baby brush hogs worked well for me.

I Texas rigged a 1/4-ounce weight with a No. 1 hook and caught everything in about 15 feet of water. I did throw some top water and training wheels ( crankbaits) and never got a bite.

I will be honest and say I really like throwing plastics and throw crankbaits for the purpose of this report. A lot of people do very well using them and I pass that information on to you.

So, catfishing is still really good and bass fishing is decent. Crappie is hit and miss.

New fire restrictions in place

We have new fire restrictions in place. You can no longer have an open fire in the park or surrounding areas, BLM, State Lands, and the wild life areas. Pretty simple. No fires anywhere. The only thing you can use is a propane grill. Also the “no ski and towable devices ” will remain in effect until further notice.

In conclusion …

The lake is dropping approximately a foot a month due to releases and evaporation. Although Cholla ramp is still in operation, you are strongly encouraged to use the old rental boat area. I just graphed it coming in tonight and it should still work fine for a few weeks, if not a month.

Since it’s late and I have pushed the deadline I’m not sure if this even is going to hit print so I will end it with this: If you want a lake completely to yourself and would like to see a bunch of burros and other wildlife then come on out. I’m very happy to say that if we can hit 110 degrees three days in a row, I will come out of my cave and quit banking this out on a rock slate.

Although it hit 110 here two days ago, it only hit 107 here yesterday. So close! But, hey, that’s what jackets are for. Remember to bring sunblock, bug spray and lots of water if your coming out.

Well, that’s it from me — Mark

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