Mogollon Rim fishing report

Roosevelt largemnouth bassRoosevelt Lake/Mogollon Rim fishing report

From James Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:

Good morning Rim Country anglers,

The water level in Roosevelt Lake remained steady this past week and currently stands at 48 percent full.

The Tonto Creek has stopped flowing this week while the Salt River is at 30 percent of its normal rate for this time of year. The water temperature is increasing and shallow water is now beginning to reach 80 degrees during the afternoon.

Use greenish baits to match greenish water tint

The water clarity degraded this week in some areas of the lake due to the algae growth. In some areas of the lake, the water has a green tint, so baits that are a green or a bullfrog color were reported better than white color baits traditionally used in clear water conditions.


Bass going deep, fishing called “fair”

Bass fishing was called fair this past week by local experienced anglers. The bass are moving into a summer pattern and lots of anglers are wondering where all the fish they caught the past couple of  months have gone.

This transition to deeper water and slower activity is typical for this time of year. Now the top water bite we’ve been talking about the past few weeks remained strong this past week very early in the morning.

A Rio Rico top water bait was reported successful by several anglers from first light until mid morning. Zara spooks, Reaction Innovation Vixen and shallow-running jerk baits such as Lucky Craft Pointers were catching good numbers.

As the sun gets higher, bass will seek deeper water and cover or structure to protect them. Try a weightless Senko, dropshot, Texas-rig or Carolina rig in 15-25 ft water. These presentations will need to be slower than the past few months.

Crappie fishing improves

The crappie fishing reports improved this past week. The nighttime bite is still reported better than during the daylight, but crappie schools can be found during the daylight in 25-30 feet of water and always in the brush.

Trolling with a John Deere or black, blue and Chartreuse color 2-inch grub tail was reported successful. For the nighttime crappie anglers, lights will be effective this coming week as we move away from the new moon.

Trout fishing “over the top” excellent

Trout fishing on the Rim Lakes was called “over the top” excellent this past week.

Lots of anglers reported great Memorial Day weekend trips.  PowerBaits, worms and salmon eggs were reported successful.

Small spinner baits such as a Mepps, Super Duper, and Panther Martins are working well on an ultra-light rod.  Fly anglers are having success Crick Hoppers, which is a cricket imitation bait in the early morning and late evening. And don’t forget Green Valley Lake here in Payson. Several nice rainbow trout were reportedly taken last week.

And finally … commission meeting

Two weeks from today is when the AZGFD Commissioners will be holding their public meeting in Payson. The dates are June 13-14 at the Mazatzal Hotel & Casino.

To see the complete agenda you can go to and click on the “commission” tab. Many interesting topics will be addressed including the latest update on the gizzard shad issue at Roosevelt Lake. The public is encouraged to attend so I’m looking forward to meeting many of you there.

Have a great week of fishing and I hope see you on the water.

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