Community Fishing Bulletin, June 2, 2014

Catfish stocking cancelled at Water Ranch Lake due to golden alga

As part of routine water testing, the town of Gilbert’s contracted lake consulting company detected golden alga in last week’s water sample. The lake was promptly treated with an approved algaecide to control the golden alga bloom.

Golden alga is a microscopic plankton that, generally at high levels, releases toxins that can be lethal to fish. Present in Phoenix area lakes since 2005, the lethal algae poses no risk to humans or pets. A follow-up test on May 28 showed low levels of golden alga were still present in the lake water. Another treatment is scheduled for the lake to try to knock out this pesky algae. Catfish stockings for Water Ranch Lake are suspended until follow-up tests are negative for golden alga.

Anglers are reminded to take precautions to not move any water, live fish or wet objects from lake to lake. Remember to clean, drain and dry all items that come in contact with the lake water before moving to another lake.

Spring trout stocking season winding down

Rising temperatures signals that the end of the spring catfish stocking season is coming soon. There are only two catfish stockings left: one was the week of May 26-31, and another the week of June 9-14. There are no fish stockings scheduled between June 15 through September 14 for any of the CFP lakes and ponds.

Catfish stockings for CFP waters will resume the week of September 15-20.

See the CFP stocking schedule.

The new expansion waters will also receive one final spring stocking of catfish and bluegill. These will be stocked the week of June 2-7. These waters include the new additions in Yuma, Maricopa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Glendale. For more information about these waters and fishing regulations visit our website at

Do your part and turn in poachers!

Call Operation GAME THIEF (1-800-352-0700)

We need your help in catching poachers. Fishing without a license and taking too many fish are common violations. This interferes with our ability to manage fishing lakes and reduces YOUR opportunities to catch fish.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Operation Game Thief is an anti-poaching program that encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation. A toll-free hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-352-0700, or the information can be reported on the Department’s website (

Your report can remain CONFIDENTIAL upon request, and REWARDS of up to $8,000 are available for information leading to an arrest. Do your part in helping the Department by reporting poachers.

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