Fishing report: The latest from Rim Country


Roosevelt Lake, Arizona fishing report

From Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods

Good morning rim country anglers – I heard a report that enforcement officers will be on Arizona lakes this weekend ensuring boat owner comply with the rule to have the plug removed from the boat to prevent movement of mussels. Remember that Clean, Drain and Dry is a law in Arizona.

The water level in Roosevelt Lake dropped another 1% past week and currently stands at 48% full. The Tonto Creek is flowing at 10% of its normal rate while the Salt River is at 20% of its normal rate for this time of year. The water temperature is increasing and shallow water will now begin reach 80 degrees during the afternoon. The water clarity is improving each week and is almost back a clear condition.

Bass fishing was called excellent this past week…

BASS FISHING WAS CALLED EXCELLENT AT ROOSEVELT LAKE… by local experienced anglers. The bass transition from the spawn into more of a normal summer pattern is underway but many bass are still in a post spawn stage. The top-water bite we’ve been talking about the past few weeks was very strong this past week. A Rico top water bait was reported very successful by several anglers from early morning until mid morning.

Buzz baits, Zara spooks, and shallow running jerk baits were catching good numbers as well. If you see bass chasing shad in shallow water, cast beyond the boil and retrieve the bait as fast as you can. Remember the shad are in a panic mode, so a slow retrieve will not look natural to a pursuing bass. As the sun gets higher, bass will seek deeper water and cover or structure to protect them. Try a weightless Senko, dropshot, Texas-rig or Carolina rig in 15-25 ft water. The new moon we will have this week will make for some excellent night fishing.

The crappie fishing was called fair this past week.

But the night time bite is still reported better than during the daylight. For crappie fishing at night, the only bait to use is a live minnow. Hot spot for crappie reported last week was at the Marina tires for the second consecutive week. Crappie lights at night will be effective this coming week due to the new moon.

Trout fishing on the Rim Lakes was called excellent again this past week.

Power Baits on the bottom, worms or salmon eggs were reported successful. Small spinner baits such as a Mepps, Super Duper, and Panther Martin are working on an ultra-light rod.  Fly anglers are having success using wet flies such as streamers in the early morning and late evening. Look for trout under logs, behind boulders or overhangs in the creeks. If you come across a small pool of water in a stream, the trout will be nearby so fish those pools thoroughly.

Take some time this Memorial Day weekend to think about the brave men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country so that we can enjoy our freedom, and be sure to display your flag.

Have a great week of fishing and I hope see you on the water.

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