Anglers Report: Lake Pleasant striper bonanza

Lake Pleasant/George Andrejko-AZGFD
Lake Pleasant/George Andrejko-AZGFD

Thanks to Barry W. for this Friday, May 23, striper fishing report from Lake Pleasant:


I went striper fishing at Lake Pleasant a few days ago. There was a little bit of top-water boils happening, but fishing was very slow for the first couple of hours in the morning.

We tried dropping anchovies at a few different areas with no luck. Finally I found a school of stripers in one of the coves on the northern side of the lake.  I started to chum, and after about 10 minutes we dropped anchovies down.  We started catching very small stripers.

My buddy and I decided we would keep chumming, but maybe try dropping spoons down and jig. That was the key!!! We started hooking 2-4 pound stripers.  The heavier spoons were getting deeper to the bigger fish, instead of the smaller fish picking it off first.  The secret is to chum to keep the school interested and suspended under your boat.

We kept the school interested for about an hour and a half.  The exciting thing was watching the spoons drop down and see them fall through a school of 60-100 fish.  Keep trying different areas, find the fish and switch up fishing techniques and you will have great success at Lake Pleasant.

I had the pleasure of teaching my daughters Girl Scout troop a fishing class at Dog Town Lake up near Williams on the 17th. Yes, there is a huge water shortage in the area but the lake is still producing great trout fishing.  The PowerBait was a huge hit and the key colors seemed to be, white, rainbow, and American pie. These are newly stocked trout so most of them are small between 8-10 inches.

Be sure to use light line and smaller size hooks like size 12-16.  The water is low but seems to be a lot better than the other lakes in the area.

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