Anglers Reports

Good morning. Just got back from Lake Pleasant and thought I would share my fishing report and video. The striper, white, and largemouth bass action was consistent first thing in the morning.

The bite is good in the coves around the lake and the fish are suspended around 23-32 feet eating shad. Some fishermen were also catching fish nearshore in 10-15 feet of water but it was a little slower. The key was using spoons that were silver or gold and jigging them slowly up and down where the fish were.

The key is being on the water before sunrise and finding the birds that are feeding on the shad. The action only lasted about an hour but it was fun.

I normally send a photo, but I didn’t have my camera this trip. Just my GoPro. See the video.

SagBassKidDana Y. with his Saguaro Lake mess of channel catfish (and his grandson’s catfish on the right): It is possible to catch some really decent size channel cats during the day at Saguaro. We caught five, 3-5-pound cats on nightcrawlers a few Saturdays ago. They are deep off the drops. Last weekend I caught one with a grandson handicap. I let him real it in — he thought it was great.
Derrick Franks a.k.a “Striper Snatcher” has been fishing the cold and windy nights on Lake Pleasant with moderate success rate: The water temp at night is in the mid-50s with strong north winds. Our underwater video footage still shows thousands of striper attracted to the boat in the 30-foot mark.
I think the colder water temps has flushed them out of deeper water and are now on the shallow side of the structure I fish, which are mainly points on the north and south side of the lake.
I still see the most fish, including baitfish, in the Humbug Creek arm — they are concentrated there all year. That area has a really sandy bottom with trees displaced about every 50 square feet.

CrappieCraving crappie? An angler sent in this picture of a speckled sensation he said was caught trolling a minnow at the yellow cliffs in Bartlett Lake.

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