Anglers reports


Charles S. reported on the Colorado River, from Picacho State Park to the Imperial Dam: Water temperatures during Thanksgiving had been in the high 50s, so that’s been slowing things down a bit, not to mention very low water levels.

Kevin C. said that Nelson Reservoir is mostly covered with ice: Haven’t been fishing the last couple weeks since it started blowing snow, but figured you would want to know that Nelson as of Wednesday, Dec. 11, it had ice thick enough to support small wildlife such as ducks and eagles (that were dining on fresh killed duck on the ice) over 98-99 percent of the lake. There was just a tiny little hole in the south end just big enough for a few ducks to paddle around. While I didn’t “test” the ice I’d guess it was around ½-1 inch thick with some patches thicker as all the little ponds and creeks are frozen over as well up here…

The Arizona Fishing Guides had the following report for central Arizona:

  • Saguaro Lake is still pumping out the big ones mostly on spoons and big reaction baits. You should remember it is not for the faint of heart and it can bring some of the most experienced fisherman to their knees but one big one and you forget it all.
  • Canyon Lake is doing well also seems to be best right after the stocking of the trout, but you can still coax the non-trout eaters into eating a jerk bait.
  • Bartlett Lake is starting to unload a few bigger-than-normal fish. You can catch these guys using a heavier spinner bait down in the channel bends up in the river end, or flipping jigs around shallow boulders.
  • Roosevelt Lake is not quite back to its normal fishing; it is still pretty good by any Arizona lake standards. Spoons and big jigs can be used to catch most of them. Just look for the bait balls on your fishing graph.
  • Apache Lake is always good this time of year — some really nice smallmouths can be caught on jerk baits and small shakey head worms and small jigs.
  • Lake Pleasant is also doing very well. This is the time of the year that the water is rising and all the fish like to eat shad shallow. Keep your eyes open for boils and always be looking for the birds. They are like me: always hungry…

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